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Benefits of using Hotspot Shield

  • Secure Wi-Fi Connection

    Keep your internet connection protected and encrypt your web communications so that you can surf the web safely whether you are at home, at work, or on a public Wi-Fi connection.

  • Anonymous Browsing

    Hotspot Shield provides you with an anonymous web browsing experience so that you can surf the web without fear of being tracked or identified.

  • Unblock Proxy

    Quickly and easily access blocked sites and content such as social media and video and gaming sites with Hotspot Shield.

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Hide Your IP Address

The recent PRISM scandal has certainly made some of us paranoid about the government monitoring every phone call we make or every move we make on the Internet.

Top Travel Nightmares

Hotspot Shield would like to share with you the top travel nightmares to watch out for when planning your next trip away from home.

Save Money on Mobile

Hotspot Shield Mobile not only gives you full privacy and security, it also saves you money and reduces your data usage.

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