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How to Find Someone’s IP Address

There are many instances that you may need to find someone’s IP Address – Maybe you need to create a secure connection between two devices? Maybe you need to allow someone access to your businesses network? Maybe you need to block an IP Address or blacklist a device? Maybe you simply want to trace someone and find their general physical location? There are several different methods of obtaining an IP address for a website or individual device.

Using the Command Prompt utility

For Windows devices, this application is called the command prompt and can be found in the start menu. For Mac devices, it is called Terminal and is found in the utilities folder. Once you have found the command prompt, open it and black DOS screen will appear. This utility can be used for a variety of different functions, one of which is the “ping” action. A Ping will attempt to establish a connection with the device you want to find the IP address of.

On the main command prompt screen, simply type “Ping Host address” where “Host Address” equals the website address of the device you wish to find the IP address of. For example, if you wanted to find the IP address of Facebook, you would type “ping” and press enter. Command prompt/utility would then attempt to establish a connection – if it is successful, the resulting IP address will then be displayed!

Examine the header information of an Email

Emails can actually serve as a source of information and you can find a sender’s IP address using a simple function that is embedded in most forms of email communication. This method varies depending on which type of email service or program you are using but the important function to look for is the “Headers” option. There should be an option (usually in the message options dialogue box) called “Internet Headers” or simply “Headers” – Turning this option on will display a new range of data including the senders IP address.

It is important to remember that header information can be faked, therefore if you obtain an IP address using this method, you should then use the command prompt utility to ping the address and check its validity.

Use an online IP Lookup Tool

The simplest and most reliable method of obtaining an IP address is to use one of the many IP Lookup tools that are available online. Different organizations have developed a plethora of methods for obtaining a user’s IP address – Most of which are perfectly legitimate, while others may use less than reputable methods. Sites such as and offer solutions to finding out an IP address.

There you have it – three different methods of obtaining an IP address! In cases of emergency, you could request an IP address from an Internet Service Provider however they may be reluctant to pass this information on and divulge confidential information of their clients. Hopefully, you will have found this information useful, and should now have a great understanding of IP addresses and how they can be found.

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