Addicting Games Unblock

How to unblock Addicting Games

Online gaming is a major use of the internet for many people. Online gaming has evolved from simple games such as Counter Strike to in-depth real-time strategy games like Civilization and Planet Coaster. The number of different games available at your disposable is mind-boggling and you could easily spend hours and hours each day playing different genres and types of game. While competitive and online gaming is hugely popular, not everyone wants this type of intense gaming experience. This is where gaming websites such as Addicting Games come into their own – This type of gaming website caters for the casual gamer – For the person that simply wants to waste a little time and escape from reality for a few hours.

What is Addicting Games?

Addicting Games is one of the most popular and long-standing online gaming sites and has been around for years and years. Since its inception, this gaming platform has evolved to contain a huge variety of content and has an immense user base. Addicting Games offers a range of different browsers based games such as platform games, first-person shooters, puzzle games and action RPGs. Users can log in, choose a game of their liking and play to their heart’s content. Most of the games on Addicting Games are fun and involving and as the title states, you can soon get addicted and spend hours playing.

Why might Addicting Games be blocked?

The reason is fairly obvious – Would a network administrator really want to allow access to a gaming website? Consider the scene – A whole office of employees sat on their computers, glued to their screen playing on Addicting Games instead of working! The same usually applies to schools too and administrators will often deem it inappropriate for children to have access to sites such as this during school hours.

How can you unblock Addicting Games?

Not everyone will abuse gaming websites and most people can exercise a degree of self-control – If you want to relax during your lunch break and pass the time with a couple of games, there are means of bypassing blocks on sites such as Addicting games.

Using the IP Address – A straightforward method is to use the websites IP address instead of its URL. A site will often be blocked via its website address i.e. and if this is the case, it could still be accessible via its IP. To find the IP address, you can use a website such as “” – By typing in the website address, it’s associated IP address will be displayed. You can then type this IP address in your browser instead of the usual URL.

Alternatively, you could use a VPN service. By using a VPN service, you are effectively bypassing the network security by using a secure VPN tunnel to connect to the internet. This form of connection will protect your public IP address and secure your personal information. Instead of connecting through the standard network routers, you will connect to a VPN server which will then provide access to the internet and conversely, Addicting Games.

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