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We believe that everyone connected to the internet should have the opportunity to be protected by a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Technology is advancing at breakneck speed and this has created many amazing opportunities for people around the world. Unfortunately, this also means that it’s more important than ever to protect your personal data.

Our Free plan is perfect for you if you’re a casual internet user. If you need more features, then consider upgrading to our Premium plan. Get the details on our Premium plan at the bottom of this page. Either way, you’ll get the same world-class privacy and security protection that Hotspot Shield VPN is known for.

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Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most trusted VPN services in the world. Our software has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times, and consistently gets great user reviews.

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What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. You can use our Free plan for as long as you want. It’s supported by ads, just like the many other free online services (Gmail, Instagram, etc.) that you probably use.

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Why use a VPN?

VPN is off

Simply put, a VPN helps to protect your data and identity from snoopers and hackers.

As your information travels back and forth between your computer and the websites/services you use, there are a few points on that journey where your data could be intercepted. Even if a website is secure, it does not guarantee that your information will stay safe. A VPN adds an extra layer of protection to your internet connection.

  • Without a VPN

    Hackers can potentially get the following information from you:

    • Your browsing history
    • Your credit card information
    • Your physical location
    • Your IP address
    • Other personal information
  • With a VPN

    Hotspot Shield VPN also protects you against:

    • Internet Service Provider (ISP) logging
    • Government censorship
    • Service-based bandwidth throttling
    • Geography-based website blocking

It only takes a few clicks to install our no-cost VPN. So if you want to take advantage of these benefits, getting protected is super easy. Give it a try right now.

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Why choose Hotspot Shield?

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    Surf the internet without the worrying if your internet connection is safe. Connect confidently from any remote location.

  • All major platforms supported

    Regardless of what device you have, we’ve got you covered. We support iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and more.

  • Ultra-fast VPN servers

    Hotspot Shield is one of the fastest VPN services, which has been verified by an independent third party study.

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    • Military-grade encryption
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