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Why Use Hotspot Shield VPN to Unblock Games?

Playing online games is a favorite pastime for many people. Imagine how frustrating it can be when your favorite MMO game or flash game is not accessible when you are at school or work. IT administrators at most organizations most likely have set up filters and firewalls to block access to most gaming sites as well as popular social network sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Thanks to VPN technology, you now can quickly and easily unblock any online game site at school, work, or anywhere you want. Hotspot Shield VPN creates a secure tunnel between your device and our VPN server, enabling you to access your favorite games from any site privately and securely on your school or work computer or personal device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

When using Hotspot Shield VPN, your IP address is hidden and the data transfer between your computer and our VPN server is encrypted, providing you a secure and private Web browsing experience.

How Does Hotspot Shield VPN Work to Unblock Gaming Sites?

In order to provide you free access to your favorite gaming sites, Hotspot Shield employs advanced VPN technology.

We swap the IP address provided by your ISP (internet service provider) with the IP address of our own servers. This way, neither web spies nor network administrators at your school or office can track you back to your computer or mobile device or censor the content you want to visit.

We do not reveal your IP address to anyone, ever. Therefore, you are able to unblock game sites at school and enjoy playing your favorite MMO game or flash game privately. An added bonus is if you are traveling or working overseas, you will also be given access to US game servers when abroad.

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