How to Change the Location on Your iPhone

Location-Spoofing Made Easy

All iPhones come with GPS location-tracking enabled. This feature allows you to add your physical location to such things as photos and social media posts. It’s a great way to add more detail and relevance to the things on your device. You can toggle this setting on or off to protect the life of your battery and prevent using up a large amount of mobile data.

But there may be instances where rather than turning off the GPS feature, you want to change your location so it looks like you’re somewhere else. Maybe you want to enjoy a little privacy while you’re online. Or maybe you don’t like the fact that most of the apps on your iPhone have knowledge of your location. Perhaps you want to access streaming videos available only to users in a certain region. Or maybe you’d like to change the location in an iPhone to catch region-specific creatures in Pokémon Go. You may even want to trick your friends and pretend you’re enjoying a vacation on the beach in some exotic location! Whatever the reason, it’s possible to change the location in an iPhone. Follow these steps to learn the specifics of how to change your location on an iPhone.

Step 1: Ensure That Your iPhone Is Jailbroken

Jailbreaking your iPhone will open it up to numerous developer features and allow you to change some of its root settings. There are lots of reliable guides and websites detailing how to jailbreak your phone, and the process may vary depending on which version of iOS you’re running: Search Google for instructions for your phone from a trusted source.

Step 2: Download the Relevant Jailbreak Tweak

Once you have a jailbroken phone, you need to download a GPS spoofing “tweak” from a popular app site called Cydia. Cydia has a host of different downloads that work on jailbroken iPhones. One popular GPS spoofing utility is LocationFaker. Download this app as you would any other app. Once you have the tweak installed on your phone, restart it to make sure it has taken effect. Now, you’re ready to go!

Step 3: Manually Change the Location in Your iPhone

After you’ve completed these steps, you can exit the app and the location-spoofing will continue to work in the background. If you want to turn it off, open LocationFaker and tap the “on” button to toggle it off.

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