How to Unblock xHamster

Unblock xHamster

The internet allows us access to a practically limitless amount of information and we can find virtually anything we can think of. One particular industry that has flourished over the years (and is often seen as one of the primary uses of the internet!) is pornography. The internet is littered with websites that offer pornographic material for users to watch and download.

This is a highly lucrative industry that dishes out millions per year creating and distributing content. In return, many users subscribe to their favorite sites and pay a monthly fee for premium videos etc. One notable online porn repository is XHamster and due to its explicit nature, this website is often blocked by Internet Service Providers and Network Administrators.

What is xHamster?

If you are looking for a healthy dose of porn, xHamster will provide! This website allows user’s access to a huge amount of adult content (you wouldn’t believe there is that much available!) that you can watch or download. There is a vast range of different categories available so fulfill your wildest dreams. Users can obtain content for free, and there is also a premium service that requires a monthly fee but gives unlimited access to a wider range of material.

Why might xHamster be blocked?

Pornography is possibly the most taboo form of content on the internet. As a bare minimum, even the websites that distribute this type of adult content have age restrictions and allow access if you are usually 18 years or older. Aside from the self-imposed limitations, websites such as xHamster are often blocked by Internet Service Providers and network administrators.

ISP’s will impose content filters that prevent access to any adult material and the network administrator may put outright bans on certain keywords or web addresses. It is considered that there is a time and a place for the viewing of pornographic material and that generally doesn’t involve the workplace!

How can you unblock XHamster?

If you find the urge to watch adult content irresistible and desire to access xHamster, there are means of lifting security restrictions and bypassing Internet Service Provider blocks.

Turning off your ISP content filter – The simplest method is to attempt to remove any filters imposed by your ISP. If you log in to your ISP control panel, there should be a filter option (the layout and whereabouts may differ). Simply turn the filter off and you should now be allowed access to adult content! Please note that you may be required to provide some form of identification or pin number to verify that you have the authority to remove the filter.

If this is not an option, an alternative method is to use a VPN Service. A VPN service will allow you to connect to the internet using a secure VPN tunnel that encrypts and secures your data. This tunneling protocol will bypass any blocks and allow you to connect to xHamster as usual. Additionally, your device’s IP address will be hidden and substituted for one of the VPN provider’s pools of generic address – This will effectively mean your whereabouts cannot be traced.