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Using Hotspot Shield allows you to bypass restrictions and access geo-blocked material, and on top of this, a VPN provides an additional layer of security with minimal loss of performance

What Streaming Is and How It Works

Streaming is a technology used to deliver content—usually audio and video, but increasingly other kinds as well—to computers and mobile devices over the internet. Streaming transmits data as a continuous flow, which allows the recipients to begin to watch or listen almost immediately.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live streaming is internet content delivered in real time as it happens. Live streaming is popular with live television shows and special one-time events.

Streaming Games and Apps

Streaming Games and Apps

Streaming has traditionally been used to deliver audio and video, but Apple has recently implemented technology that allows streaming to work with games and apps too.

Most Popular Streaming Services

  • Hulu
  • Vimeo
  • SoundCloud
  • HBO
  • CNN
  • BBC Sport
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • BBC

Why are Streaming Services Blocked?

Why are Streaming Services Blocked?

Streaming services might be blocked in your country for cultural, political, or religious reasons. Some governments see these services as a platform that could give citizens damaging information about their government.

Some employers block streaming services because they suspect that employees are watching videos when they should be working. They believe blocking streaming services will result in better productivity.

A university or school may block streaming services to prevent students from watching videos and participating in social media activities while school is in session

How Can I Get Access?

How Can I Get Access?

Proxy vs VPN

You could use a proxy to access blocked streaming services, but you'll be trading privacy and security for that freedom: while a proxy allows you to visit blocked sites, all of the information you type in can be tracked and stored by the proxy owner. This also makes proxies a prime target for hackers.

When you want to unblock service, VPN connections give you secure access to servers throughout the world, meaning that you can use their IP addresses to access region-locked content without revealing your location, identity, or other sensitive information. A VPN gives you unrestricted access to the YouTube videos you want to watch, and a VPN doesn't keep any personal data or track any of your online activity. With a VPN, your digital footprints disappear.

Why Use VPN for Streaming?

  • Access Geo-Blocked Content

    Quickly and easily access blocked sites and content such as social media and video and gaming sites with Hotspot Shield.

  • Early Access to New Releases

    If you’re in the United States, you can set your VPN to connect to somewhere in Asia to get access to watch show almost a day earlier than your neighbours.

  • Keep Your ISP’s Eyes Off of Your Traffic

    Keep your internet connection protected and encrypt your web communications so that you can surf the web safely whether you are at home, at work, or on a public Wi-Fi connection.

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How Streaming Sports Works With VPN?

How Streaming Sports Works With VPN?

Restricted Access -> VPN Connection -> Unblock

  • Features You Get With HSS VPN

    • Strong encryption
    • Servers available worldwide
    • Flexible payment plans
  • What About Streaming on Mobile Devices?

    HSS VPN works on mobile devices as well!

Stream Your Favourite Sporting Events Taking Place All Around the World

Stream sporting events regardless of your location by bypassing location-based blocks or restrictions on live sports coverage

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