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What Can Hotspot Shield VPN Do for Your Mac?

Many people believe that Mac Computers are more secure than PCs and that Mac users do not need to be concerned about security software. The recent Flash Trojan virus which infected half a million Mac computers has shown the devices are not completely safe. More importantly even if your computer is safe, your internet connection isn’t. Hotspot Shield VPN for Mac is a powerful internet security and privacy solution for your Mac computer. It encrypts data sent and received over the Internet and protects your personal data, including credit card information, passwords, downloads and instant messages. When you run the Hotspot Shield VPN on your Mac, no hackers can intercept or spy on your Web activities!

Additionally, Hotspot Shield VPN for Mac offers private browsing to ensure the privacy of your web session. It allows you to browse the Internet using a US IP address, thus protecting you from web spies and hiding your identity from ISPs or the government.

All those features are available with Free Version of the Mac client.

Additional benefits of using Hotspot Shield VPN for Your Mac:

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