VPN for Minecraft

VPN for Minecraft

Providing a More Secure Gaming Experience

The world of online gaming is a complicated one and when you are a serious gamer you can open yourself to a host of security issues if you do not take appropriate safeguard measures. Minecraft is an exceedingly popular open world game that can be played both locally and on a hosted server – Playing the game in an online environment can be potentially hazardous so using a VPN in conjunction with the game is an excellent way to protect yourself.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game of creation and adventure – You control a character in a 3D world, in different game modes such as survival, creative and hard-core, and harvest materials in order to build equipment and structures. The game has a large following and is extremely popular due to the limitless possibilities it provides for using your imagination and also for pure fun gameplay.

In creative mode you can use your imagination to build anything you desire from castles to whole towns; while in survival mode you use your ingenuity and cunning, to collect resources and craft items to survive in the wild, against (or with) other players. While the graphics are certainly not state of the art, the gameplay is simply addictive!

How to use a VPN for Minecraft

It is a fairly simple process to use a VPN in conjunction with Minecraft, just follow the steps below and you will be playing with a secure connection in no time!

  1. Install a VPN client on the device you intend to play Minecraft from.
  2. Once you have installed the client full, open it.
  3. Choose a server to connect too.
    • It is advisable to connect to a server in the same location as the Minecraft game server you will be using as this will provide a faster and stronger connection.
  4. Choose the type of server connection.
    • OpenVPN is generally the best option for compatibility with gaming.
  5. Connect!

That is literally all there is too it, you can find more detailed information on installing a VPN and connecting to servers in our other guides but the process is quite straightforward.

Benefits of using a VPN for Minecraft

So what are the actual benefits? Why go to this length to use a VPN for something trivial like gaming? There are actually several reasons; the first is to allow you to use gaming servers that are not in your location. Some servers have restricted access to people from that region/country etc. Using a VPN will allow you to play any server anywhere in the world. The second is to increase your own security and protect your device from potential attacks. While this is not common; there are instances of things like DDoS happening to online gamers.

Finally, as mentioned above, using a VPN local to the game server you are using, should provide a better and more reliable gaming experience for you! Use a VPN and enjoy Minecraft to its fullest extent today!

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