Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows PC

Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows

Hotspot Shield VPN download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, and Vista

  • Simple, one-click connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server changes
  • Dedicated, live tech support
  • Military-grade security and encryption
  • Hassle-free 45-day money-back guarantee

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Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows PC

Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows PC

Hotspot Shield VPN is the virtual private network Windows users trust to access their favorite websites as much as they want, while securing their data transactions for anonymous browsing, streaming, and downloading. Set up Hotspot Shield Premium and get unlimited data and server changes so you can have your favorite content anywhere you go. Setting up Hotspot Shield VPN is simple. You’ll be done in minutes!

How to set up Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows

How to set up Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows

  1. Choose your Hotspot Shield VPN subscription and sign up your account
  2. Download and install Hotspot Shield VPN by following the instructions
  3. Connect Hotspot Shield VPN in one easy click
  4. Enjoy secure, private browsing from over 2,500 global servers

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Hotspot Shield VPN key features for Windows

  • One-click connection

    One-click connection

    It’s easy. All you have to do is open the app and connect with one click. The Internet is yours again!

  • Automatic kill switch

    Automatic kill switch

    Prevent your IP address and network traffic from exposure if your VPN drops unexpectedly.

  • Choose your location

    Choose your location

    Connect all your Windows devices to over 2,500 servers in 25 countries.

  • Connect up to 5 devices

    Connect up to 5 devices

    Have more than 1 device? Yeah, so do we. Mac, iOS, Android: connect them all under 1 Hotspot Shield account.

  • Military-grade encryption

    Military-grade encryption

    Best-in-class security and encryption keeps your network activity away from hackers and other prying eyes.

  • Catapult Hydra VPN technology

    Catapult Hydra VPN technology

    Our unique VPN technology optimizes multiple server connections that are stronger and faster over long distances.

  • Dedicated, live tech support

    Dedicated, live tech support

    We’re here to help Premium users with any question or issue. We’ll be with you in seconds, not minutes or hours.

  • 45-day money-back guarantee

    45-day money-back guarantee

    We’re so confident you’ll love Hotspot Shield, you can try it completely risk free. No hassle, no questions, period.

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What is it people love about Hotspot Shield VPN?

  • "What works well for me is that i am able to use it anywhere & keep my information safe from other people while using public wi-fi. Sometimes the wi-fi i get from hot-spot shield is faster than using the wi-fi without hotspot shield."

    Assaf J.
    Austin from US Sep 29, 2017
  • "Thank you for the e-mail. Your company's products are very good. It is a 5 star without complaint."

    Bill D.
    Bill D. from United Kingdom May 01, 2017
  • "Hotspot Shield gives me added security when browsing on line, and is well worth the very affordable extra cost."

    Hugh J.
    Hugh J. Oct 17, 2017

Why choose Hotspot Shield VPN for Windows?

  • Fast, easy setup

    Fast, easy setup

    Setting up Hotspot Shield is easy. Sign up your account, download for Windows, and connect with just one click.

  • Get all the content you love

    Get all the content you love

    Whatever you love to do online, Hotspot Shield lets you do it. Steam, browse, game, shop, chat, and much more: it’s up to you.

  • Ultra-fast VPNs

    Ultra-fast VPNs

    We have 2,500+ VPN servers around the world, optimized for streaming, downloading, browsing, and much more.

  • Anonymous browsing

    Anonymous browsing

    We never track, log, or store any of your personally identifiable information, including your IP address.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

    Unlimited bandwidth

    You can stream and browse as much as you want and change server locations as needed, when travelling or to optimize connection speeds.

  • No-limit browsing

    No-limit browsing

    Bypass internet censorship, ISP restrictions, throttling, public Wi-Fi filters at school, and more.

  • Keep personal information private

    Keep personal information private

    Passwords, bank information, emails: all your traffic is encrypted, meaning hackers and other spys can’t access it.

  • Secure public Wi-Fi connections

    Secure public Wi-Fi connections

    Airports, cafes, campuses, entertainment venues, and more are safe when you connect with Hotspot Shield for Windows.

  • Best VPN for streaming, shopping, and social

    Best VPN for streaming, shopping, and social

    Get Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Twitter, and more, wherever you are.

  • Try Hotspot Shield completely risk free

    Try Hotspot Shield completely risk free

    We offer a 45-day money-back guarantee so you can try Hotspot Shield risk free. No hassle, no questions.

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