Content-control software - Definition from the Hotspot Shield Glossary

This type of software is created to attempt to control what information is available to a certain group of people i.e. a government censoring its nation, or a school censoring what websites its students can access, or even an ISP censoring explicit websites.

Control may be implemented to stop the transferal and reading of explicit material, or to stop the spread of anti-government sentiments, or even stop criminal activities. Simple forms of content control software could be internet blockers that parents can use to stop their children from looking at improper content on the web. The software could be browser filters, email filters, network filtering, or even search engine filtering. While many feel that content control is appropriate in some cases, like protecting children from harmful content on the web, there are others who feel that it can limit an individuals freedom of choice, especially when content control software is setup to be overly zealous.