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How to livestream the 2017 Tony Awards anywhere in the world

How to livestream the 2017 Tony Awards anywhere in the world

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The 71st Annual Tony Awards is arguably one of the most important events in American entertainment. And with the list of nominations released and the host for this year announced (it’s Kevin Spacey!), fans of Broadway theatre all over the world can’t wait to see what this year’s iteration brings, especially with the bar set higher by last year’s show where James Corden hosted.

Not all fans can watch it, though. Because of limited distribution rights and licenses, it’s possible that not all countries in the world will be able to access the awards night livestream. However, there is one way to get around this — and it involves using a content access VPN, such as Hotspot Shield.

With Hotspot Shield, users can access online content that is blocked either by governments or by local network administrators. This is made possible by Hotspot Shield’s expansive network of servers in different virtual locations all over the world.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you access the Tony Awards livestream this Sunday:

Step 1: Get Hotspot Shield

Download Hotspot Shield and install it on your device. The content access VPN has free versions for Windows, Android, Mac OS and iOS. It can also be downloaded as extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Tip: If your local network does not allow downloading apps without admin privilege, the best way to get around this is by downloading Hotspot Shield as an extension. You can reinstall and uninstall the extension any number of times.

Step 2: Change your IP address

Open the Hotspot Shield app and connect to a virtual location in the US. To make sure you are connected to a US IP address, you can verify this by visiting Getting a US virtual location may take a while, so keep on trying if you don’t get one the first time.

If you want to expand your virtual location options, you may want to consider upgrading from the free version of Hotspot Shield to the Elite version. Hotspot Shield Elite provides access to more than 20 virtual locations all over the world, some of them inaccessible through the free version. Learn more about Hotspot Shield Elite here.

Step 3: Sign up for the free CBS All Access trial

Sign up for an account on CBS All Access to access its free trial offer. You can use either your email or your social media account. The free trial only lasts a week, though, so make sure to time your sign up right. Upon successful registration, you’ll be able to livestream the event and any other show on CBS All Access for a week for free. After that, you’ll need to shell out US$5.99 a month to continue accessing the site.

Step 4: Livestream the event

Sign in to your CBS All Access account a few minutes before the event. The broadcast will take place on Sunday, June 11 at 8:00 PM PT.

To learn more, visit the Hotspot Shield website.

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Livestream the 71st Tony Awards by downloading Hotspot Shield today!

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