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How to stream Rai TV using a VPN

How to stream Rai TV using a VPN

Connecting to a VPN is one of the quickest ways to enhance your digital privacy. However, for copyright reasons, streaming services like Rai TV often try to block VPN users entirely. Don’t worry: we’re about to explain how to stream Rai TV with a VPN active so that you never have to compromise on security while watching your favorite shows online. 

How to watch Rai TV online with a VPN

Streaming securely is easier than you might think. Here’s how to watch Rai TV while connected to a VPN:

  1. First off, sign up for a Hotspot Shield Premium or Premium Family plan
  2. Install Hotspot Shield on any device you stream with regularly
  3. Log in, then click the arrow next to Virtual location in the bottom-left
  4. Choose Italy, then hover over your desired location and click Connect
  5. The app will now try to connect. If successful, you’ll be shown your new IP address and should be able to stream Rai TV as normal. What’s more, thanks to our powerful encryption, your activities will be hidden from hackers, hotspot owners, and your ISP. 

Choosing the best VPN for securely streaming Rai TV

Every VPN is different, which means some are better for streaming than others. You might find that a provider has a monthly data cap, for instance, which means you won’t be able to watch as much as you’d like. Alternatively, they might not provide the Italian servers or high speeds needed for streaming Rai TV.  In short, there’s a lot to consider when deciding which VPN to use. 

The good news is that Hotspot Shield is an excellent choice for Rai TV. We have servers in two Italian cities (Rome and Milan), and they work with DPlay, Mediaset, Netflix, and more. Not only that, but our premium subscribers are free to steam as much as they like, with no speed or bandwidth limits.  

Live streaming: why speed matters

We’ve all struggled with a slow connection at some point, but it’s hard to overstate how important speed is when watching TV online. If your internet is too slow, you could be forced to settle for low-resolution video, assuming the streams even play in the first place. Things get even worse if you’re live streaming, since you’ll likely miss parts of your show while waiting for the video to buffer. 

Generally, you’ll need download speeds of around 5 Mbps to watch live HD video. This rises to 25 Mbps for 4K streaming, and obviously, if multiple people in your home are streaming simultaneously, you’ll want as fast a connection as possible. 

That’s where we come in. As well as being highly secure, Hotspot Shield is also extremely fast. In fact, experts from found that our VPN was more than twice as fast as our nearest rival. More surprisingly, the testers’ speeds actually went up by 26 percent when connected to Hotspot Shield.  So how is this possible? Simply, our team has created a speedy, efficient protocol named Hydra and poured huge amounts of time into optimizing our network for the highest speeds. That’s the kind of dedication to quality you won’t find anywhere else. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a VPN protect all of my devices?

The vast majority of devices can be secured using a VPN. Providers tend to have apps for iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows, with some (like Hotspot Shield) catering to less common platforms too. This might be in the form of a command line-based Linux installer, browser extensions, or dedicated apps for Amazon Fire Sticks. You can usually install a VPN directly on your router too, which will automatically protect every other device on the network.

Why isn’t my VPN working with Rai TV?

There are actually quite a few reasons why you get an error when trying to stream Rai TV with a VPN. Here are some of the most common causes for streaming problems:

  • You aren’t using an Italian VPN server
  • Rai TV still has access to old location data
  • The service has blacklisted the server you’re using
  • Rai TV is able to access your GPS or location some other way
  • Your VPN needs to be updated
  • Your VPN’s stealth mode is turned off, or you’re using the wrong protocol

This all sounds very complicated but there’s a series of things we can do to address all of the things above. Follow the steps below and with a bit of luck, you’ll be securely streaming Rai TV in no time. 

  1. Make sure your VPN has been updated to the latest version
  2. Go into the settings menu and check that you’re using the Hydra protocol
  3. Delete your browser’s cookies or delete the RaiPlay app’s data if you’re on mobile
  4. Turn off GPS and location services then connect to an Italian server
  5. Try using Rai TV again. If you’re still having problems, repeat these steps but try a different Italian server. Remember: our support staff are available 24/7 and can provide free one-on-one assistance if you need it. 

How else can a VPN help me?

The right VPN can do all kinds of things for you. They provide a layer of protection and privacy that most public wifi hotspots don’t, for instance. Better still, because your traffic is encrypted, any online blocking that a cafe, airport, or hotel puts in place is rendered effectively useless. In other words, you’ll be free to access whatever you want, wherever you want. 

This encryption also helps when it comes to throttling. Internet Service Providers will sometimes reduce your speeds if they detect that you’re streaming or torrenting. Once you connect to a VPN, however, they have no idea what you’re doing, making it much harder to justify slowing down your connection. 

Digital crimes are, unfortunately, on the rise worldwide. With attacks getting more advanced all the time, just staying safe online can seem like a full-time job. However, Hotspot Shield has introduced new tools that can identify phishing attempts and block access to malware-spreading sites automatically, so there’s one less thing to worry about. 

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