The Best Way to Access Your Favorite Pornhub Content in 3 Clicks

Restrictions on adult content can make it almost impossible to view Pornhub. Luckily, there's an easy way to ensure that you'll always have access to Pornhub: unblock it by using Hotspot Shield VPN!

Reasons Why Pornhub is Blocked

Some countries block access to Pornhub because they consider the content immoral or dangerous to their culture or the wellbeing of its people. Similarly, some regions ban adult content due to religious beliefs.

Employers may consider accessing Pornhub while on the job a waste of company time and resources that impedes productivity. School administrators may also decide that students should not access Pornhub on academic networks.

Using a Secure VPN to View Unblocked Pornhub Content

Hotspot Shield does more than just facilitate the best Internet speeds, protect you from malware threats, and maintain your privacy. When you use our VPN, you can unblock Pornhub and:

  • Get a new IP address
  • Stay anonymous
  • Seamlessly stream videos

Other Ways to Gain Access to Pornhub

Change Your DNS Servers

Changing DNS servers can provide users with the ability to quickly gain access to Pornhub. Unblock this website - or any other - by modifying your DNS servers. Modifying DNS servers, however, can come with drawbacks: this action will not provide you with extra protection because it is not a secure connection, it doesn't encrypt data, and cannot provide you with a new IP address.

Switch IP Addresses

When you change your IP address, you can unblock content and bypass Pornhub restrictions that have been put in place based on your local IP. Those with dynamic IP addresses can unplug their routers and plug it in again to obtain a new IP, but modifying a static IP address can require users to access their operating system's control panel features and manually input new data. While these methods may grant you unrestricted access to blocked websites, they won't offer any of the protection and privacy benefits provided by VPN usage.

Hotspot Shield allows you to change your IP address with the click of a button and even gives the freedom to choose an IP based on a specific location while providing you with great protection and privacy.

Go Though a Proxy

Proxies provide a temporary way to access Pornhub by substituting your normal IP for a random one. Many users, however, grow suspicious of the special permissions required for proxies to gain access to unblocked Pornhub content.

Hotspot Shield is proud to be different. We offer continuous service to more than 500 million users and remain one of the most reliable VPNs on the market. Our VPN service respects your privacy by:

  • Never logging your identity
  • Never associating your IP address with you
  • Always keeping your online activities private

Reroute Using Tor

Tor provides privacy by rerouting traffic through a sophisticated network. Unfortunately, it can slow down your Internet connection and may affect your device's performance.

Hotspot Shield keeps your connections fast and secure. Our developers designed our VPN for optimum performance. In addition, you can choose an IP address from anywhere in the world, allowing access to geoblocked content.

Use Google Translate or Google Cache

Some users attempt to bypass Pornhub restrictions by accessing the international versions of the main website or searching Google for cached pages. While you may view the restricted content through a foreign website, translating the page can require an extra step of work. Cached pages can exist, but may not provide the most up-to-date version of the website or present video playback problems.

You can skip all of these potential difficulties by using Hotspot Shield. Our VPN will allow you to access live and current versions and stream Pornhub video fast.

Use the Wayback Machine

Similar to Google Cache, Wayback Machine provide cataloged snapshots of websites and can technically make any website viewable and unblocked. Pornhub, however, may not truly be accessible through the Wayback Machine because missing and broken images and videos can litter the archives.

How to Unblock Pornhub On Your Phone or Tablet

We make it easy for Pornhub lovers to unblock content on-the-go by offering a mobile app for both iPhone and Android users. Take advantage of the risk-free trial we offer for either desktop computers or mobile devices.

With Hotspot Shield, you can access Pornhub and:

  • See the latest content
  • Block ads
  • Enjoy fast streaming speeds
  • Protect yourself from 3.5 malware threats
  • Maintain your privacy

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