Unblock Blogspot

Unblock Blogspot

Blogging is an area of the internet that is continually expanding and evolving – Thousands of people create and maintain blogs on a huge range of different subjects. Blogs can be written about anything; from simple daily journals to cooking recipes, home improvements or even online gaming. The possibilities are practically endless, and if you can imagine it, you can blog about it. Additionally, businesses are now implementing blogs and seeing their use as a viable form of marketing and a way to build a community and their brand identity. Blogspot is one of the most popular and long-standing blogging platforms – If you are considering using this platform, or require access to Blogspot hosted content, it is important to understand how to bypass any blocks that may be imposed on its access.

What is Blogspot?

More commonly known as Blogger, Blogspot is a blog-publishing service that allows users to create and manage their own personalized blogs. Created in 2003, Blogger is one of the original blogging services and has consistently been one of the top-ranked services of its kind since its inception. When using Blogger, users can create their own blog using customizable or pre-defined themes and upload time-stamped blog entries. Furthermore, the themes and style can also be customized using CSS code if you have the knowledge. Blogger also supports various add-ons such as Google AdSense to enable blogs to be monetized.

Why might Blogspot be blocked?

Historically, Blogger has actually been blocked in various countries at different intervals including China, Cuba, Pakistan, Turkey and Vietnam – Users in those countries would not be able to access any website with the .blogspot extension. Furthermore, Blogger may often be blocked on private networks as the websites are generally deemed to be for leisure and fun purposes – The occasion would be rare where you would need to access a Blogspot website for work purposes.

How can you unblock Blogspot?

If you happen to be in a country that enforces a ban on Blogspot hosted websites, or situated behind a network that blocks access to the Blogger platform, there are means of bypassing any restrictions.

Firstly, you could attempt to access the website using its IP address as opposed to its URL (website address). Blocks are often only enforced on the actual website address and if you can find the sites relative IP address, you should still be able to access it. There are many online tools that allow you to find an IP address simply using the website’s URL. Once you have obtained the IP address, you can then type it into your address bar instead of the usual website URL and you should be able to gain access (providing that an IP block isn’t in place).

Alternatively, you can opt to use a VPN service – This is an effective method of bypassing restrictions and can also be used to access Blogger from countries where it is prohibited. A VPN service will establish a VPN tunnel to allow the transferal and receipt of data instead of a direct connection to the internet. Your public IP address will remain hidden and you should be able to access restricted websites.