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Access Blocked Content

Access blocked content online and anonymously visit all the websites you want

Access Blocked Content

Today, the internet isn’t as free as it used to be in its initial days. Today’s internet users are becoming increasingly familiar with the terms “limited access,” “blocked content,” and “infringed privacy.” Hotspot Shield Free VPN secures your web browsing sessions, overcomes internet restrictions, offers protection from eavesdroppers, and gives you uncensored access to any online content you want.

Surf Anonymously

Hotspot Shield respects your privacy. It lets you anonymously surf the internet while maintaining the privacy and security of your web session at all times. You can access blocked content online and visit all the websites you want to, anonymously. Hotspot Shield does not reveal your IP address. Instead it replaces it with its own US IP address. Thus, you can access the internet as an anonymous user from the US. Our Hotspot Shield’s Free VPN software bypasses internet filters to give you anonymous uncensored access to blocked content such as Facebook, YouTube and other websites.

Bypass Geo-restrictions

Location-based IP restrictions, or geo-restrictions, restrict internet users of a specific country to accessing only specific types of online content in their territory. Hotspot Shield bypasses these restrictions to maintain your online freedom. It allows you to access blocked content using its own US IP address. You can now anonymously access YouTube, Facebook, and other dating and social networking websites with Hotspot Shield’s Free VPN.

Access Blocked Content

You can access blocked content–not only the ones blocked by your country but the ones blocked by your school, university or office. Workplaces are notorious for blocking access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other similar websites for no good reason. Hotspot Shield lets you access these websites by bypassing any and all of the internet filters set up by your organization. Free access to information, privacy and security of its users is what Hotspot Shield is all about.

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Yes! Hotspot Shield is the most trusted VPN client with over 100 million downloads worldwide. Hotspot Shield is easy to install and does not affect the speed of your connection. Hotspot Shield is currently available for your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android.

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