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Why Surf the Web Anonymously?

The Internet has opened up an amazing world of information and content as well as giving us a platform to express our views, share our content, and communicate with others. Unfortunately, there are many risks and issues as well.

When surfing the Web, your online activities leave fingerprints of information that may be tracked and monitored by your ISP, your network administrator, or even the FBI.

Through your IP address, every website you visit has information on your online identity. Some unscrupulous individuals or hackers can use your IP address to steal your personal information from your computer. If your sensitive information happens to fall into the hands of cybercriminals, you could soon become the victim of a scam or worst of all, identity theft!

If anonymous surfing and online privacy protection is important to you, you should use a VPN such as Hotspot Shield VPN.

Benefits of Using Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN provides you with an easy and secure way to surf the Web anonymously and privately. Our advanced VPN technology proactively protects your identity and online privacy by masking your IP address and by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and our servers.

Thus, it gives you a secure anonymous browsing experience and lets you browse websites you want without the fear of being tracked down or losing your sensitive information to hackers. Our VPN also safeguards your sensitive data while you’re on public Wi-Fi at coffee shops, airports, or hotels.

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