How to watch 2020 MLB live stream with a VPN

How do you watch MLB live stream online and avoid MLB TV blackouts? Download Hotspot Shield VPN to ensure you never miss a hit.

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Why watch MLB online with a VPN

A VPN allows you to switch out your real IP address to one from a different location. This occurs by routing your internet traffic through the VPN’s secure servers to make the site you’re visiting think you’re located elsewhere. With Hotspot Shield VPN, you can avoid MLB TV blackouts, watch the 2020 MLB live stream online from abroad, or watch MLB on Kodi — all while ensuring blazing-fast streaming with no buffering.

How to watch MLB live stream

Follow the steps below to download Hotspot Shield and start watching MLB live stream.

Step 1


Download the Hotspot Shield VPN app on your mobile or desktop device

Step 2


Open up the Hotspot Shield VPN app and click the “Connect” button

Step 3

Select location

Make sure Hotspot Shield’s VPN server location is set to “United States”

Step 4

You’re all set

Head to your preferred MLB streaming site and enjoy the game!

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How to avoid MLB TV blackout with a VPN

As more people ditch cable, the issues with blacked-out sporting events are on the rise. In many cases, people can’t watch their local games live on MLB TV due to exclusivity rights. When they try to watch, they find that the game is ‘blacked out’ in their area and is not available until 90 minutes after the game’s conclusion. With Hotspot Shield VPN, however, you can easily avoid blackouts and watch your favorite games live. Here’s how it works.

Connect to Hotspot Shield and select a VPN server location where the game is NOT blacked out. For instance, if you live in San Francisco and want to watch a blacked-out Giants game, connect to the United States VPN server located in the city of “Las Vegas.” Given the game is not blacked out in Vegas, you’ll be able to watch it live on MLB TV. Hotspot Shield VPN has 25+ US city server locations to choose from.

How to watch MLB live stream from abroad

Many of the popular MLB streaming services are only available to people within the United States. If you live outside of the US, or if you’re traveling abroad, you’ll find that your streaming service restricts access to MLB content.

To bypass those restrictions, simply use Hotspot Shield VPN and connect to the “United States” server location. This means the MLB streaming service will think you’re located within the United States, even though you’re not. Now, you’ll be able to watch MLB online as if you were sat at home with your feet up.

How to stream MLB without cable

For cord-cutters, there are numerous ways you can watch MLB live stream online without a cable subscription. While some services are restricted to certain geographical locations, you can bypass those restrictions by using Hotspot Shield VPN and selecting the VPN server location you wish to connect through.

Here are some of the ways you can watch MLB games online

Sling TV

Sling TV offers many channels that stream baseball, such as ESPN, TBS, Fox, and Fox Sports. A Sling TV package that includes channels that show MLB games costs about $40 per month. You can try watching MLB on Sling TV with a free 7-day trial.

Playstation Vue

A PlayStation Vue subscription will set you back $45 per month, but you’ll have access to ESPN, TBS, Fox, Fox Sports 1, and the MLB Network — all channels that show MLB games. For baseball fans, Playstation Vue is a viable and affordable option.


At $45 per month with Live TV, Hulu includes ESPN, ESPN2, Fox, Fox Sports 1, and TBS. Hulu does not, however, offer the MLB Network. But when you consider the other great content Hulu offers, it remains a quality option at a reasonable price.


DirectTV is perfect to watch MLB games live as it offers ESPN, TBS, Fox, and the MLB Network. It’s also reasonably priced at $35 for a package that includes ESPN, TBS, and Fox. If you want to add the MLB Network, your monthly bill will jump to $55.

Youtube TV

You can watch MLB live on YouTube TV with ease, thanks to its free trial. If you decide the subscription is worth the full $40 per month, you can sign up and get ESPN, TBS, Fox Sports 1, MLB Network, and more. This is a great option for sports fans.


One easy way to watch MLB live stream is to subscribe to MLB.TV for $25 per month (or $116 per year) and use Hotspot Shield VPN to avoid MLB TV blackouts. As an MLB TV subscriber, you’ll also get access to the service’s MLB At Bat streaming app.

How to watch MLB on Kodi

Kodi is becoming an increasingly popular streaming media player. The catch is that you need to add the content yourself, be it TV shows, movies, news, or, in this case, live sporting events. These come by the way of “add-ons”. Official Kodi add-ons can be accessed and downloaded from Kodi’s add-on menu.

Fox Sports GO has an add-on that will show a number of MLB games live. If you have an active MLB.TV account, you can also use an add-on called MLB BasesLoaded. Another popular add-on is Pro Sports which features NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and other sporting content. SportsAccess also enables streaming of a variety of sports, including MLB on Kodi.

Why watch MLB with Hotspot Shield VPN

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Hotspot Shield is the fastest VPN service on the market, as verified independently by third-party sources. Unlike other VPN providers, which all use the same basic OpenVPN technology, our patented Hydra protocol delivers unrivaled speed and performance, ensuring seamless streaming with no buffering, even when connected to countries half the world away.

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Hotspot Shield Premium is our fastest VPN offering and unlocks over 80+ VPN server locations and 25+ US cities. This enables unrivaled flexibility when it comes to streaming your favorite sporting events, like MLB, NFL, NBA, and more. As an added bonus, our servers have a built-in malware database to protect you from over 57 million malicious sites a day, so you can stream with the peace of mind that your devices are secure.

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