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Unblock Hulu

How to Unblock Hulu

Live television is becoming a thing of the past – less and less people are tuning in to live TV shows and ratings are not at the level they were at 5 years ago. Why is this trend happening? One major factor is the rise of subscription services and on-demand TV. A host of different media organizations are witnessing a rise in popularity due to the varied content they offer. Services such as Netflix, Hulu, PictureBox, LoveFilm, and Blinkbox all offer on-demand TV and movies at the click of a button, and generally, all you need are an internet connection and a subscription.

We are no longer confined to watch TV solely as and when the broadcasting schedule dictates – Movies and TV series can be watched when you want and where you want. While, for the most part, these services bring joy and happiness to our lives, they are often blocked in the workplace or other environments where their usage is deemed inappropriate. Hulu is one of the premier subscription services and if you have an account, it is important to know how to bypass any blocks to ensure that you can get your monies worth!

What is Hulu?

As mentioned, Hulu is a video on demand service. Created in 2007, Hulu has gone from strength to strength and now has a huge range of paying customer and an immense catalog of TV series, documentaries and movies available for streaming. Users subscribe to Hulu and pay a fixed rate per month that grants them access to Hulu’s content library. Hulu mainly centers on TV series and box sets and it has content from such TV networks as 20th Century Fox, ABC, MGM, Disney, PBS and Comedy Central. Due to its wide range of content, favorable pricing plan, and next-day access to live TV shows, Hulu remains a popular on-demand platform.

Why might Hulu be blocked?

Streaming content and on-demand websites are often blocked by Network Administrators and sometimes even by Internet Service Providers. This is mainly because on-demand services are frowned upon in the workplace and are seen as potential threats to employee’s workload and output. Consider from a manager’s point of view – Would they really want their staff to have access to streaming websites and potentially sit watching The Walking Dead instead of working? Furthermore, regional and national restrictions may apply to streaming content – Hulu may not be globally available in every country.

How can you unblock Hulu?

Use a VPN – A VPN service is possibly the safest and most reliable method of accessing blocked content. By using a VPN connection, you will connect to the internet through a VPN tunnel and not directly from point to point. Furthermore, your public IP address will remain hidden therefore any blocks that are placed on your IP will be void.

Use a Proxy – A proxy website can act as a middleman, much in the same way that a VPN service works. Instead of connecting directly to a website, you will instead connect to the proxy that will then retrieve the data from Hulu on your behalf.

Use the IP Address – Finally, if an URL block has been placed on Hulu, you can attempt to access the website using its IP Address instead. You can find Hulu’s IP address using an IP finder tool or by using the Ping function on the command prompt utility. Once you have obtained the IP address, you simply type this into your web browser, instead of the usual HTTP address.

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