VPN in Serbia

Why you need a VPN in Serbia

Serbia is a landlocked country on the Balkan peninsula in southeast Europe. It’s one of the largest populations in the area since the fall of Yugoslavia in the mid-1990s. The estimated current population is nearly 7.2 million, more than 5 million Serbians access the internet. This is a higher penetration rate than much of Europe.

With so many users accessing the internet, it’s vital to understand the risks about cyber threats like identity theft, and take appropriate precautionary measures.

Many users in Serbia access the internet for streaming content, like movies, shows, and music. However, due to geopolitical licensing a lot of international content is not available in Serbia. Geopolitical licensing can also hinder individuals and businesses that are trying to ship or receive goods from other countries.

Despite these situations that hamper universal access to internet content in Serbia, there is good news. The country’s laws protect free speech and freedom of the press, and the national government generally respects and upholds these laws, especially for private citizens in private situations. The exception is that the government can intervene (and has) in blocking content from groups that maintain racist or nationalist stances.

In recent years, some international watchdogs had been concerned with Serbia’s intervention in the freedom of the press. However, over the last two years, they have reported an improvement in journalist freedom. Still, some journalists may be sensitive to certain stories, research, and communication, and choose to self-censor.

Using a VPN in Serbia to improve internet experience

Serbia’s internet users face several issues online, namely protecting privacy, accessing content, and perhaps avoiding telecom laws that allow private providers to maintain private data. There are many technologies to help handle these situations. VPNs are the best option, as they mitigate all three areas with simple, easy-to-use technology.

Short for ‘virtual private network’, VPNs assign computers an IP address for a country other than where they are. This is immediately helpful for users who want wider access to international content.

Another vital part of using a VPN is that it encrypts all data when the software is engaged. This means personal data, banking information, and even internet history and chats are much harder for online predators to hack or steal.
Because of Serbia’s unique telecom laws, users they may search for a VPN that can be installed on smartphones, making it much more difficult for telecom providers to track cell phone data.

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