VPN Malaysia

Using the internet can be difficult when you do not have access to all that you need in Malaysia. However, with a VPN or virtual private network, you can have a whole new experience. With the option to get past location-based blocking, a VPN completely changes your internet usage for the better. You are given amazing security, access to exclusive content and able to protect your identity using this VPN software. In Malaysia, there isn’t another platform easier to use than Hotspot Shield, the ultimate in VPN software.


A VPN or virtual private network gives you the ability to view blocked websites and censored content from all over the world. It creates a secure and safe connection to other secure networks across and allows you to have privacy and a complete backstage pass to the internet’s resources.

A VPN uses a connection to a private network to a remote location located within another area of the internet. This information that you collect as you search is sent to this remote location using a bridge through the VPN server. The information and well as your personal data is encrypted after it is collected. Put simply, a VPN is a separate connection that keeps you secure.

What can a VPN do for you?

  1. Gives you unlimited access to all of the blocked websites you need to view. It does not matter if they are blocked due to location. You will still have the ability to pass through!

  2. Gives you privacy to surf the web and protect your activity at the same time. It does not matter where you are, whether at school or in a government facility. The information is still at your fingertips.

  3. You can view all video, gaming websites and more from all over the world.

In Malaysia, you deserve the best software for your needs. You need a platform that is easy to use, quick and allows you to view the content that you want to. This is where Hotspot Shield comes in.

Hotspot Shield…

  1. Gives you a secure connection. It protects and encrypts your information including your personal data such as address and phone number or credit card numbers.

  2. Gives you the ability to browse anonymously. You can access all the restricted content due to location based blocked.

  3. Gain access to all blocked websites from all over the world, no matter where you are. From US based video streaming to content from Japan.

  4. Hide your IP address from those wanting to steal it. You are able to use a separate IP address that protects the real one from hackers.

  5. You are able to protect yourself from wandering eyes with your virtual private network, instead of using the public.

Hotspot Shield is an amazing tool that places the world’s information in your hands with security that matches your needs. You are able to cut through the censorship to view any content you wish, privately and as needed. A Hotspot VPN protects you an offers you a completely new experience that you deserve.