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Ethiopian and Internet Censorship

Unfortunately for Ethiopian citizens, the country has some of the most significant online censorship in the world. The country was rated “not

free” on the Freedom on the Net online freedom score in 2011, 2012, 2014, and in 2015. The country uses intrusive restrictions to prevent

political and social discussions on the web. The country’s government aggressively seeks to prevent online dissent, and works to block

websites and arrest individuals that it deems breaking these rules. Ethiopia blocks a large variety of political sites, blogs, and news

websites in order to stop citizens from viewing certain information. Many Ethiopian internet users have moved to using virtual private

networks, or VPNs. VPNs allow Ethiopian internet users to access the web without the kinds of state restrictions that prevent users from

viewing certain types of content. They are making the internet freer for users in Ethiopia and in other countries that restrict internet use.

How a VPN Can Help Ethiopian Internet Users

VPNs offer a number of different features that are attractive to Ethiopian internet users. The first feature is the ability to view websites

that are blocked by geographical location. Without a VPN, Ethiopian internet users find that they can’t access certain websites, especially

websites that deal with political dissent. However, VPNs give users a separate IP address from their internet service provider, allowing them

to access sites that the government has blocked. VPNs also offer secure, private connections with end to end encryption. This prevents the

government or other third parties from being able to view your online activities or access your device from your internet connection. VPNs

are invaluable tools for Ethiopian internet users who are looking to get more out of their online experience.

Making Your Online Experience More Private and Secure

Making your online experience more private and secure is one of the biggest positives of VPNs. Virtual private networks are a great way to

keep your online activities and your communications private. Not everyone who utilizes VPNs wants to hide their online activity from the

government. Although VPN users fearing political retribution from government actors are significant in number, there is also a significant

number of users who want to keep their personal and private information protected from hackers. Hackers are becoming more complex and

sophisticated than ever, using a number of tactics to try and get into your device and access critical information. Often, hackers and

identity thieves wait in public places, using public Wi-Fi to get into unsecured internet connections. The easiest way to avoid hackers is to

make sure that your internet connection is secure. VPNs use secure connections and encryption in order to prevent hackers and identity

thieves from being able to get into your device. Even if they could access your data, the encryption prevents them from being able to read

any of it.

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