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Using the internet in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is a holiday destination in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. If you’ve visited the country as a tourist, you’ve likely had no issues accessing the internet like normal. You may experience some different content than you’re used to make home, as is particularly common with streaming websites.

The country’s political situation is a little more complicated, as it’s divided into two different areas: The Republic of Cyprus and the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In general, both parts of the country protect freedom of expression to both members of media and individuals.

Some have expressed concern that the presence of thousands of Turkish troops in the northern part of the island may limited coverage of particular political coverage. Still, the country remains at number 27 in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index by international watchdog Reporters Without Borders.

Using VPNs in Cyprus to access worldwide content and improve privacy

As always when using the internet, you are susceptible to cyber threats like hackers who are trying to gain access to personal data and financial information. One technology solves this issue, and the issue of content blocking in Cyprus.

VPNs are a simple way to address a common problem: location and IP address. Typically, when accessing the internet, your IP address which country you’re in, subjecting you to content blocking from content provider websites. VPNs (short for ‘virtual private network’) are a technology that provide IP addresses from other countries, so users can avoid content blocking.

VPNs are popular in Cyprus because users can gain access to universal content. VPNs also enable users to take responsibility for their online security – using the software to encrypt personal data.

For those concerned about the political situation who may practice self-censoring around certain topics, VPNs are vital. The software lets users browse anonymously, so they can share ideas or access news that may otherwise feel risky.

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