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5 Ways To Prevent Cybercrime

5 Ways To Prevent Cybercrime

It’s no question that cybercrime was rampant in 2017. The year has already been marred by several large-scale and high profile online attacks, and cybercriminals show no signs of stopping.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to fear for your security online. There are things you can do to protect yourself against cyber security attacks such as:

Download a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is a valuable ally in the fight against cybercrime. You may ask “How does a VPN protect me from cyberattacks?” The answer is simple. When you use a VPN, it encrypts your data traffic and essentially makes you invisible to anyone else in the network. This means hackers can’t steal your information because they can’t access it in the first place.

Create strong passwords

Choosing strong, unique passwords is one of the simplest ways you can prevent online attacks. Yet, a lot of users still neglect it—don’t make the same mistake. Create a strong and unique password by utilizing different letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and even special characters. It’s also ideal that you go beyond the minimum number of characters required by whatever system you are creating the password for.

Update your devices

Always update your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other device you’re using. Yes, updates can sometimes be annoying and time-consuming, but they stop hackers from exploiting any bugs and security flaws that may have been present prior to the update. Although updating your devices won’t protect you from cybercrime completely, it’s necessary if you want to keep your information safe.

Use reliable security software

VPNs are extremely helpful, but not enough to fully secure your information. You also need software such as antivirus programs, ad blockers, and firewalls. Use software made by trusted names in cybersecurity such as Norton, McAfee, and Kaspersky among others. You may need to shell out money for these products, but it’s a small price to pay in the name of online security.

Keep certain information private

You need to keep certain things to yourself in the online world, especially on social media sites. Avoid putting personal information like your address, your phone number, or your place of work on websites like Facebook. Doing so makes it easier for cybercriminals to target you. It’s also important to change the privacy settings on your social media accounts. Don’t make personal information available to the public. Only share it with your contacts—people you trust, or better yet, don’t share it at all. On social media sites like Facebook, you can change privacy settings so that certain information is visible only to you.

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prevent Cybercrime

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