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Tips To Secure Your Information When Travelling

Tips To Secure Your Information When Travelling

Tips To Secure Your Information When Travelling

Vacations are both the bane and boon of security providers: it’s the best time to showcase their abilities when it comes to protecting our data, but it’s also the time where we deliberately leave ourselves the most vulnerable.

It’s a scenario that can’t be avoided. We live in a very social world: one that encourages and even requires sharing what’s going on in our lives at any given moment. This kind of mindset is most demonstrated in social media and all of our content sharing sites – which makes it the most vulnerable places.

However, there are still ways we can be secure while travelling – all it takes a little self-awareness. Here’s how you can still enjoy your security and vacation at the same time.


Keep it legitimate

It’s simple: use the internet in places that have a secure connection. Avoiding public wifi that everyone can access can go a long way into securing your data, as public wifi often has no security protocols that can protect your data, making to fall victim to a breach.


Don’t post too much

Vacations are for showing off – but there’s always a risk that you might show off too much. This is especially easy to do when it comes to uploading photos of yourself online. While you may be showing off that beach body or the scenery, you may also be showing off important items that you’d rather not, such as credit card info or personal data.


Beware the booze

Alcohol and technology have never really mixed well – seeing as alcohol destabilises logic and reason, there’s a reason why your friends don’t let you drink and text. Similarly, you should never drink and post: in your inebriated state, you may not be in the best frame of mind to show yourself – or your data.


Invest in protection

It’s never a bad idea to update your shots and vaccinations before going somewhere new, and the same logic applies to your phone and mobile devices. Perhaps you won’t have data, or your data provider in your hotel is insufficient. Making sure that your antivirus software is updated before you go on a long trip is always ideal for securing your data. If you can update it safely while on the trip, it would be so much better.


Closer is better

Finally, you should always be aware of where exactly your devices are. Are they back in your hotel room? Somewhere in your bag? In a waterproof pouch around your neck? Having a general idea of where your devices are can help in making them more secure, and the closer they are to your actual person, the better you can keep an eye on them.

While vacations should be all about fun and games, it’s never a bad idea to think about your safety in the middle of fun. With so much information available to everyone, you should make sure it’s the ones that you want them to see – and the one that protects you.

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