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Stay Anonymous and Secure Online in 3 Simple Steps

Stay Anonymous and Secure Online in 3 Simple Steps

Stay Anonymous and Secure Online with Hotspot Shield

Step 1: Get Hotspot Shield VPN

A VPN is an effective way of staying anonymous and secure online, and the best VPN for the job is Hotspot Shield. Aside from IP address masking, which keeps users anonymous, Hotspot Shield makes use of advanced encryption technology to provide secure connections, protecting your sensitive information from snoopers and hackers. It also protects against malware by blocking sites that are known to be infected.

Hotspot Shield is available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android devices. You can download the VPN here.

Step 2: Use Hotspot Shield to get a temporary IP address

Upon successful installation, launch the Hotspot Shield app, choose a virtual location from the list of available connections, and click on “Connect” to start. You will now be connected to one of the many servers, which temporarily replaces your real IP address. This hides it from snoopers and hackers who may try to spy on you or find out who you are.

Step 3: Turn off programs that reveal your IP address

Turning on programs that give away your IP address while you are connected to the Internet using Hotspot Shield can reveal your real IP address. To maximize the protection provided by Hotspot Shield, make sure that IP-revealing programs are turned off.

Why use Hotspot Shield?

Aside from masking your IP address, better security via advanced encryption, and added malware protection, Hotspot Shield also has other features that provide better online connectivity.  You can use it to unblock websites blocked by your network administrator, protect yourself from attacks when connected to public hotspots, and access content that is region-locked, all for free.

Enjoy more anonymous and secure sessions by downloading Hotspot Shield VPN now! Visit the Hotspot Shield website to learn more about the benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN. You can also check out our blog if you want to keep track of all things VPN.

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