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Protect yourself against password attacks with a VPN

Protect yourself against password attacks with a VPN

Protect your data with the best anonymity VPN

Many of your online activities involve personal accounts, from social media to online banking to e-commerce. These accounts accommodate information that you might not want other people to be able to access, which is why you use passwords.

You know how important passwords are. They help protect your information from being accessed by anyone other than you or another authorized user. They help keep your accounts safe, especially from those who wish to use them without your consent for personal gain. A well-thought-out password can ensure that all of your sensitive information wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

With advances in hacking and online social engineering techniques, however, it is now easier for cyber crooks to find out your passwords. This means that making use of passwords as a means to protect your sensitive information is no longer enough. To stay safer, you will need to use additional tools, including an anonymity VPN such as Hotspot Shield.

Below are three common techniques hackers today can use to find out your password, and how Hotspot Shield, a free-download anonymity VPN can help you stay safe.

Session sniffing

Session sniffing is when someone “listens in” on a session–defined as a “semi-permanent interactive information interchange” between two points–to capture information exchanged between the two points. With a sniffing software program, a malicious individual can collect all information that you input on the login pages of your accounts.

How Hotspot Shield VPN can help:

Hotspot Shield anonymity VPN uses advanced encryption technology to protect information transmitted between you and a website from being sniffed by snoopers. It provides a secure tunnel for all your passwords, searches, bank account numbers and other sensitive information to pass through.

Keystroke logging

Keystroke logging is the act of monitoring and capturing the keys struck by a user on a keyboard. Using software or hardware specifically designed for this purpose such as keyloggers, cyber criminals record the keystrokes of anything that is typed in, including passwords, credit card details, and even the websites the user visited. They usually do this secretly so that the victim is not aware that his action is being monitored.

How Hotspot Shield VPN can help:

Cyber criminals forcefully and secretly install a keylogger software in the victim’s device through breaches conducted via malware attacks, which are hosted on infected websites and links. Hotspot Shield protects your device from malware attacks by notifying you if the website you’re trying to visit is infected, and then blocks that site.


Phishing refers to the act of directing users to spoof websites using social engineering, usually through links specified in fraudulent emails that are made to appear legitimate. Once the unwitting victim inputs his information into the form fields of the spoof website, the information is then transmitted to a data center to be accessed by the perpetrators.

How Hotspot Shield can help:

Aside from protection against malware-infected websites, Hotspot Shield anonymity VPN also protects your device from phishing sites. It notifies you if the website you’re trying to open is a spoof website, and then prevents you from accessing that site.

Download Hotspot Shield anonymity VPN

What are you waiting for? Protect yourself from attacks that target your passwords by downloading Hotspot Shield VPN now! For more information about its benefits, visit the Hotspot Shield website. Don’t forget to check out our other posts for more online security, anonymity and content access tips.

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