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Privacy And Security Predictions for 2017

Privacy And Security Predictions for 2017

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2016 was a landmark year for cyber security and privacy issues – and not all of them good. While certain advancements in technology made it possible for us to secure and encrypt our data and details about our lives in a more accessible and easier way, there will always be criminals who will be one step ahead.

These vulnerabilities, as well as their corresponding advancements, need to be taken together moving forward. The need for keeping with both the way we secure and encrypt our data becomes necessary the faster we develop new technologies – and as other elements find ways to exploit their vulnerabilities. Here are some predictions for what will this will look like the coming year.

The Role Of The Consumer

Consumer awareness has skyrocketed into the picture after the collective realization of how much of their personal data is at risk, especially on social media sites. More than just the personal details they input and share, there is also an increased awareness of what exactly is shareable, as well as the rights of the website to the content that is uploaded on their servers.

A slew of personal hacks, cyber attacks, and data breaches have made it sharply clear to consumers that their role in taking care of their own privacy and security online is greater than before.

For 2017, we see a slew of initiatives that aim to give users, not the hosts, more freedom and options on their data. Specifically something that answers this question: “how can I make sure that what I share is shared on my terms?”

B2B Transaction Security

The increasing attacks on business everywhere have promoted a sense of wariness between business transactions, no matter how legitimate. With the sensibilities of the global economy leaning towards outsourcing, security and privacy become of paramount importance to companies.

With this in mind, companies will have an increasing demand for tools, processes and guarantees that make their B2B transactions far more secure. While this may take the form of other third-party vendors of such tools, it is also likely that companies will start investing more in developing or improving their IT departments.

The Rise of Cyber Propaganda

The Internet has been witness to ever-increasing political, cultural, and geopolitical discussions with the past couple of years. However, with the increasing users that are now capable of posting, sharing and re-sharing news and opinions, the online sphere is rapidly becoming more engaging – and propagandist – than before.

In 2017, we’ll only see more of this rhetoric. Commentary on current events around the world will lend increasingly political slants to both online and offline interactions – but all of this will be made easier by the increasing areas of discourse online.

VPN for the New Year

Getting a VPN (or a Virtual Private Network) allows you to access the internet by temporarily replacing your IP address with one from another territory. Not only does this allow you to access content online that are normally region-locked, but it also bypasses your local area network restrictions.


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