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The Best Way to Play WoW: Legion with Hotspot Shield VPN

The Best Way to Play WoW: Legion with Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN for WoW

Despite it being more than ten years since Blizzard released World of Warcraft (WoW), the beloved multiplayer role-playing game remains as popular as it has ever been. With the new release of World of Warcraft: Legion, fans of the game will have a whole new world to dive into. 

Below are some of the common issues that players experience and how using a VPN for WoW can address them.

Hotspot Shield VPN for WoW: Legion 

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DDoS Attacks:

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a common form of meta-gaming among WoW players, because they are not only easy to pull off (there are many tutorials for executing this online) with the right tools, but also highly effective. And it all starts with the identification of a potential victim’s IP address.

How a VPN helps:

A VPN temporarily replaces your actual IP address with a temporary IP address, protecting the real one from potential DDoS attacks and allowing you to enjoy playing without worrying about being interrupted.

Latency Issues:

While patches in the last few years have significantly improved gameplay in terms of speed, buggy latency remains one of the biggest problems that users experience when playing WoW. There are many factors that result in latency. The most common among these is the distance between a user and a server – latency is higher the farther a user is from the server.

How a VPN helps:

A VPN can significantly decrease latency by allowing you to change your virtual location to one that is closer to where the server is. Since the distance is shorter, packet transmission is faster.


It’s not uncommon for players to use credit card information for transactions when playing the game, and a lot of snoopers are taking advantage of this. Using software designed for stealing information such as spyware and keyloggers, snoopers can obtain your credit card information and use it for personal gain.

How a VPN helps:

A VPN provides a secure and encrypted tunnel that protects all your sensitive information from snoopers and hackers during your online sessions. Buying in-game items such as mounts and pets becomes more secure with a VPN.

Fake Emails and Phishing:

Fake emails and phishing targeting WoW players are widespread, fooling unsuspecting players into replying with their personal information using links to infected websites. The fake emails can be about a number of topics, including a notification telling users that their accounts have been suspended because they violated some of the rules, and a limited offer promising rare in-game items or account privileges.

How a VPN helps:

There are a number of VPNs today that can protect you from malware and phishing-infected links. A VPN protects you by notifying you that the link you’re trying to visit is infected, and then prevents you from accessing that link.


Network administrators in workplaces and schools typically employ filters to prevent users from accessing certain websites and content. This means that playing the game using the free Wi-Fi in these places can be difficult, if not impossible. There is also geo-blocking, where access to content is based on a user’s geographical location. All these restrictions can ruin a great gaming experience.

How a VPN helps:

Using a VPN is an effective way to bypass network filters and geo-blocking, allowing you to connect to a server that you wouldn’t normally be able to access because of territorial or local area restrictions.

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