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How to Play Games Before Their Official Release Dates

How to Play Games Before Their Official Release Dates

Because of the Internet and tools like torrent clients and virtual private networks (VPNs), it is now easier for users to access video games online even before the official release date. Despite the many precautions that video game developers and publishers employ to keep players from playing games before the start date, digital copies still manage to make their way online, allowing users to access them even when they’re not supposed to be able to yet.

The problem with this, though, is that a user who gets a copy of a game from a different territory might not be able to fully enjoy the game because of region-locking. And even if they do manage to crack a geo-restricted game, they will still have to deal with localization, e.g. the language used.


Play Games Before Release Date with the Best VPN:

Protect Yourself from Being Banned

Playing a game before release date can get you banned, unless you use a VPN for video games such as Hotspot Shield. This becomes possible because Hotspot Shield VPN hides your real IP address and replaces it with a temporary IP address. This makes you anonymous, and in turn makes it harder for the developers and publishers to track you, preventing them from easily banning your account.

Play Region-Locked Games

Accessing region-locked content is possible with Hotspot Shield VPN. Since your real IP address is masked and temporarily replaced with one from another virtual location, you can appear as if you are playing from that virtual location. For example, if a game has already been released in the US but not yet in other territories, you can still play the game by using a US IP address, which Hotspot Shield provides by default.

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