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Essential Apps You Need on Your School Computer

Essential Apps You Need on Your School Computer

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In the modern digital age there are infinite possibilities for utilizing technology for increased productivity,or procrastinating till the very last minute. While we don’t recommend the latter, we have compiled some useful tools to help you with your studies.

  1. Note-taking apps

There are many note-taking apps to choose from, and many of them offer additional features that can be useful for studying, such as webpage clipping and to-do lists. Some of today’s most popular note-taking apps are Evernote, Google Keep and Quip.

  1. Cloud storage

While flash drives remain effective when it comes to storing your files, you can get more out of cloud storage, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box are great options if you want your very own storage space in the cloud.

  1. Document viewer

An app that allows different document formats to be viewed is another must-have for school computers. Since a lot of textbooks can be available in a number of digital formats, a document viewer that lets you view them even if they’re in EPUB or MOBI format, for example, can come really handy. Some of these apps also allow annotation so you can add notes or comments to your document if needed. IceCream Reader and Calibre are two great reader apps that you can use.

  1. Time Management

Managing your homework and projects can be difficult, so having an app that acts as a time manager and organizer should be of great use for you. Many of these apps have features that let you maximize your time, such as a calendar system, checklists, and reminders, allowing you to keep track of all your schoolwork and maybe sneak in some me-time. Examples of great time management apps include Remember The Milk, Focus Booster, and RescueTime, all of which are apps that are worth considering.

  1. VPN

Some online content and references may be available only to certain territories, which is why an application that allows you to access multiple virtual locations can be indispensable. The simplest, most effective app for this purpose is a virtual private network (VPN), which allows you to access different virtual locations with a click of a button. It also lets you bypass filters set by your school’s network administrator, providing more possibilities for learning. A VPN for school that does this and more is Hotspot Shield VPN, which can be downloaded for free. 

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Why use Hotspot Shield VPN for school?

Hotspot Shield is a great VPN for school because of features that allow you to maximize your school computer. Aside from access to other virtual locations and the ability to bypass firewalls and restrictions, Hotspot Shield also protects you through its advanced encryption technology and lets you browse the web anonymously, keeping hackers and snoopers from obtaining sensitive information from you.

You also get to enjoy your online sessions without the risk of hacking and malware attacks because Hotspot Shield keeps your connection secure when going online via public hotspots and prevents malware-infected sites from attacking your computer. All of these can be enjoyed for free!

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