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Best places for Black Friday online shopping deals

Best places for Black Friday online shopping deals

Best places for Black Friday online shopping

Opting for Black Friday online shopping to avoid the long lines and the trouble of physically going to stores? We got you covered!

To help you find the best online deals and discounts as we go through the days leading to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we put together a quick guide on the most prominent online retailers offering discounts, the schedule of sale for each retailer, and the highest discount on offer based on their advertisements.

Retailer Start Highest Discount Price
Amazon Nov 18-25 Up to 77% off
Best Buy Nov 24-25 Up to $400 off
BJ’s Nov 18-28 Up to $900 off; double perks
Costco Nov 18-28 Up to $1000 off
Dell Nov 24-25 Up to 56% off
Harbor Freight Nov 25-27 Up to 87% off
HP Nov 24-25 Up to 50% off
JCPenney Nov 23 Up to $500 off
Kmart Nov 24-25 Up to 40% off
Kohl’s Nov 21-25 15% off on top of other discounts; $15 for every $50 spent
Macy’s Nov 23-26 Up to 75% off
Microsoft Nov 24-25 Up to 50% off
Sam’s Club Nov 24 Up to $300 off
Samsung Nov 20-27 Up to $1200 off
Sears Nov 24-25 Up to 84% off
Target Nov 24-24 Up to $350 off
Toys R Us Nov 23 Up to 75% off
True Value Nov 16-25 Up to 40% off
Verizon Nov 25 Up to 50% off with purchase of 2nd device (Android devices)
Walmart Nov 24 Up to 34% off

Common Black Friday online shopping problems

Black Friday online shopping has a lot of advantages over going to brick-and-mortar stores, including not having to wait in line and being able to shop in the comfort of your sofa. But shopping online during the holiday also has downsides, and among them is limited access to online shopping sites when outside certain territories or while using restrictive connections.

There is also the problem of hacking and phishing. With Black Friday marking the start of the Christmas shopping season, online criminal activity is always seen to rise as cyber criminals shuffle to make a profit out of the shopping rush. Malicious activities can include phishing, pharming, and spoofing, as well as malware attacks involving ransomware and spyware, among others.

One effective way of keeping these threats at bay when shopping online is by installing a virtual private network ( VPN) on your computer or device such as Hotspot Shield.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN for a worry-free online shopping

Hotspot Shield protects your device from being compromised when shopping online in a number of ways. First, it uses advanced encryption technology to provide a safe passage for your sensitive information to go through, protecting it from hackers. Second, it provides added malware protection by notifying you if the link or website you’re trying to visit is infected.

Hotspot Shield also temporarily changes your IP address, allowing you to bypass local network and regional restrictions.

Enjoy worry-free Black Friday online shopping by downloading Hotspot Shield now! For more information about its benefits, visit the Hotspot Shield website or read our other blog posts.

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