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4 Ways to Social Distance from Cybercriminals, Scams, and Robocallers

4 Ways to Social Distance from Cybercriminals, Scams, and Robocallers

Working from home has become the new norm for many of us. Unfortunately, cybercriminals tend to go where there is opportunity, which means we also need to actively social distance from malware, scams and cybercriminals. 

In fact, the World Health Organization issued a warning as we’ve already seen an uptick in phishing scams and the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity agency released guidance for those working from home. 

By following the following security best practices, you’ll be using simple and effective ways to stay safe online while we’re all at home. 

1. Use Strong Passwords

We recommend using a password manager like 1Password, which WIRED rated as the “best overall” password manager available. 

It saves you the effort of remembering dozens of different strong and frequently updated passwords, and will keep them secure by generating strong passwords that are practically impossible to guess and store them all safely in a secure, encrypted vault. 

2. Stop spam and robocalls that spread misinformation

Be wary of spam calls, particularly those coming from “health experts,” and use a robocall blocker like Robo Shield or Hiya. And, always check the CDC for the most up-to-date information. 

3. Use a VPN when you’re dealing with sensitive or private information online 

Leveraging a VPN that protects you from malicious websites and encrypts data, like Hotspot Shield, protects you against scammers. 

To protect your entire home network — from security cameras, gaming consoles, streaming devices like Apple TV — you can use Hotspot Shield for Router. By encrypting data at the source, anyone connected to the home network is protected. 

4. Communicate best practices around online security with your family 

  • Do not open email attachments or share any personal information upon request. Always verify the sender and contact by searching for them online and calling the direct number. 
  • Keep all of your apps up to date to ensure you’re protected via the latest security patches. 
  • Keep your computer camera covered when you’re not using it for a video call. 

With Hotspot Shield Premium, you also get free access to top consumer and privacy apps — including 1Password, Robo Shield or Hiya, and Identity Guard.* 

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*Identity Guard only available in the US. Robo Shield only available in the US and Canada. Hiya only available outside the US and Canada.

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