Pakistan VPN: Access Pakistani content

Access Pakistani content, remain anonymous, and secure your devices with the #1 rated Pakistan VPN.

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Why you need an Pakistan VPN

Securely and privately access your favorite Pakistani content, no matter where in the world you are.

Get Pakistan IP

Access content from anywhere with a Pakistan IP address

Browse anonymously

Browse the web anonymously and retain your online privacy

Access websites

Access websites and apps, like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype

Stream shows & sports

Watch live cricket, stream Hotstar, or catch the latest Pakistani news

Stay secure

Secure your devices from hackers and identity thieves

Improved gaming

Play games online and avoid Wi-Fi restrictions

How to get a Pakistan IP address

Follow these simple steps to get a Pakistan IP address:

Step 1


Download Hotspot Shield VPN on your mobile or desktop device

Step 2


Open up the Hotspot Shield VPN app and click the “Connect” button

Step 3

Select location

Make sure Hotspot Shield’s VPN server location is set to “Pakistan”

Step 4

You’re all set

You now have an Pakistan IP address. To check your IP address, use our tool “What is my IP?

How to stream Hotstar

Hotstar is an incredibly popular channel to catch an abundance of local content. But outside of India, you might have trouble streaming Hotstar content. So how do you access Hotstar from Pakistan? You’ll need to change your server location within Hotspot Shield to spoof your location to India. This will mean you’ll be able to unblock Hotstar with ease.

All you have to do is select the India VPN server location from within the Hotspot Shield app. This will now give you an India IP address, so you can access content as if you were in India — not Pakistan. Now, when you visit Hotstar, the service will think you’re in India and grant you access to all your favorite shows, even though you’re actually located in Pakistan.

Watch live cricket with a Pakistan VPN

Streaming companies often limit their offerings to people living within their service territory. That means you lose access to live TV streams of cricket matches as soon as you leave Pakistan. No matter where you live, no matter where you travel, a Pakistan VPN means you never have to miss a cricket match again.

All you have to do is open the Hotspot Shield VPN app and select “Connect”. You will see a list of more than 80 countries where we host VPN servers. As soon as you choose “Pakistan”, all of your web traffic will pass our Pakistan IP addresses. Your streaming access will be restored.

How to browse anonymously in Pakistan

You are vulnerable to digital tracking wherever you go online. Marketers, social media sites, hackers, and others can see which sites you visit and who you chat with online. You’ll need a trusted Pakistan VPN to secure your online privacy and browse the web anonymously.

Hotspot Shield VPN is the best VPN for Pakistan. Our proxy services render common tracking systems ineffective, preventing others from seeing your web browsing activity. In addition, the encrypted connection between Hotspot Shield’s VPN servers and your devices prevents anyone from accessing your data.

What is the fastest Pakistan VPN?

Many VPN providers rely on technology developed decades ago, long before smartphones existed or Netflix began streaming. This technology sacrifices download performance in favor of network security. That sacrifice no longer works in our modern lives, where we focus on streaming, downloading, and communicating online with a variety of devices.

When we set out to make Hotspot Shield the fastest, most secure VPN on the market, we knew we could not follow the same path. Instead, we created our proprietary Hydra VPN protocol. Hydra provides the security you expect while delivering a seamless streaming experience across our global VPN system. Independent testing firms from AV-TEST to Ookla‘s Speedtest have verified that Hotspot Shield VPN’s performance is “second-to-none,” with Speedtest awarding Hotspot Shield the “world’s fastest VPN.”

Other reasons to choose Hotspot Shield VPN in Pakistan

Military-grade encryption

Complete privacy and security that also blocks 57 million malware and phishing sites a day.

We don’t log what you view online

We do not record your VPN browsing activities in any way that can be associated back to you.

Connect all your devices

Hotspot Shield Premium users can connect up to five devices under one account, keeping you and your family secure.

All major platforms supported

No matter what device you use, we’ve got you covered. Get Hotspot Shield for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, TV, and Chrome.

Hotspot Shield has VPN server locations in over 80 countries

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