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VPN Spain

Spain and Online Censorship

Spain is one of the countries in the west that guarantees free speech and doesn’t overtly attempt to restrict online activity. However, there is still fear that the government could by spying on citizens or that the government could attempt to monitor the online activity of citizens in the future. For that reason, more Spanish citizens are turning to VPNs. VPNs, or virtual private networks, allow Spanish citizens to get free and unfettered access to the internet no matter where they are located. It also protects their online activity, rendering them anonymous to government actors, internet service providers, and to third parties such as advertisers. For users that that don’t trust the Spanish government or simply want a totally anonymous internet experience, VPNs are definitely the way to go. Virtual private networks have steadily gained users around the world, and distrust of governments and third parties has played a big role in that.

How a VPN Can Help Spanish Internet Users

Virtual private networks offer a host of different features to users in Spain. First, they offer the ability to view websites which have been blocked by geolocation. Although Spain’s government doesn’t block many websites, local schools and office buildings are free to do so. Students, employees, and travelers in those locations might not be able to access websites such as social media and video streaming sites without the use of a VPN. VPNs also offer encryption, so that no one can actually see your online communications, even if they somehow could access them. VPNs also provide a secure connection, so that hackers and other third parties can’t get into your device. Having an anonymous online experience is important to many people, and VPNs are a great way to keep what you are doing online totally private and away from prying eyes.

Making Your Online Experience More Private and Secure

One of the biggest reasons that virtual private networks are such across all of Europe, and in Spain, is distrust of the government and other third parties. Even though Spain has the freedom of speech enshrined in some of its earliest government documents, there are still people who believe that the government could eventually crack down on those who are accessing content that is viewed as “unsavory.” There are also individuals who are weary of hackers, identity thieves, and others who would try to steal information from you if they had the chance. When you are connected to the internet via public Wi-Fi and an unsecured connection, you are putting your personal, financial, and business information at risk, not to mention your actual device. A VPN eliminates the ability of hackers to access your device or view your online activity, because it provides a secure connection with encryption. That means you can view the internet wherever you choose without fear of being hacked and losing critical personal or financial data.

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