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Shopping for gifts this Valentine’s Day? Use a VPN

Shopping for gifts this Valentine’s Day? Use a VPN

The Best Internet Security VPN for Shopping

According to the Search Bing for Love Valentine’s Day 2017 Insights for Digital Marketers, 28 percent of individuals in the U.S. who shopped for Valentine’s Day gifts in 2016 shopped online, while 35 percent shopped online and in-store.

Because of the high number of online shoppers during this time of the year, cyber crooks are definitely cooking up ways to make victims out of these shoppers. If you’re planning to shop for gifts for special people in your life on Valentine’s Day, below are a few reasons why you need an Internet security VPN such as Hotspot Shield.

Why use Hotspot Shield Internet security VPN?

1. It keeps your information secure

Online shopping entails the use of online modes of payment, which means you will have to enter sensitive information such as your credit card number and banking information into form fields on websites. With hacking methods continuously growing in strength and number, online shoppers are now at higher risk of their sensitive data being intercepted by cyber criminals.

Hotspot Shield Internet security VPN helps keep your information secure using advanced encryption technology, providing a secure tunnel for them to go through. With this, you won’t have to worry about hackers obtaining your information.

2. It protects you from malware

While the previous item is about data interception, this one is about malware attacks. Cybercriminals know which sites to abuse to ensure the maximum number of victims, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, online shopping sites will definitely be their targets in the next few days. Visit an infected website and you might become infected with malware, including ransomware, adware and spyware.

With Hotspot Shield VPN, your device is protected from malware attacks carried by infected websites and links. Hotspot Shield provides added malware security by notifying you if a website or link is malware-infected, and then prevents access to the site.

3. It helps you stay anonymous

Most of those who shop online for Valentine’s Day stick to the standard fare of gift items–chocolates, flowers, jewelry, clothing, and greeting cards. But there are some that go for gifts that are more intimate. For these people, staying completely anonymous while shopping for these types of gifts is a blessing.

The advanced encryption offered by Hotspot Shield ensures that your significant other, aside from strangers and snoopers, won’t find out about your purchase history or the websites that you have visited.

4. It allows you to find the best pricing options

Many e-commerce retailers practice online price discrimination, pricing their goods depending on the location of a shopper and providing different sets of results even for identical searches for items. Because of this, pricing can be higher in one location and lower in another.

Hotspot Shield VPN temporarily replaces your real IP address with one from another location, allowing you to access that location virtually. The free version provides access to US IP addresses by default.

If you want access to more than 20 virtual locations you can upgrade to the Elite version for a small fee. You can learn more about Hotspot Shield Elite here.

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Download Hotspot Shield for better e-shopping sessions

Enjoy safer and smoother online shopping sessions for Valentine’s Day by downloading Hotspot Shield Internet security VPN today. Visit the Hotspot Shield website for more information about its features. If you want more tips on Internet security, anonymity and content access, visit the Hotspot Shield blog!

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