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Security News Round Up – August 8th, 2012

Security News Round Up – August 8th, 2012

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Here are some of recent news stories about online security that we think you should be aware of. Knowledge is power, as they say (though I’ve always wondered who “they” are).

You already know a lot about the Olympics, so the following are something related to things other than the games only.

7 Interesting Mobile and Security Trends You Should Know – 08/08/12

  1. Think you’re safe? Think again. More than 6 million new malware samples were created in 2nd quarter of 2012 alone!
  2. Apple no longer claims their computers are virus-free. And to continue the attack, yet another major Mac Malware has hit the Apple scene – the ‘Morcut. Crisis’ Malware
  3. Traditional antivirus software is useless against military-grade malware, like the recent Flame virus.
  4. We all hear about how awesome the cloud is, but there are risks involved as well. Learn how to Stay safe while in the cloud!
  5. Social engineering and weak tech support makes strong passwords useless. Example: Apple Phone Support allowed a hacker to access and destroy the entire iCloud data of Mat Honan, journalist and former contributor to Gawker
  6. Mobile apps are the new cybercrime attack vector. Downloading an app could lead to giving yourself and your friends viruses.
  7. Cyber Criminals and Nigerian Scammers are targeting Muslims via Ramadan-themed phishing attacks.

Remember to always stay vigilant, and check us daily for the latest info on what concerns you the most: safety, privacy, security, and happiness online.

Which security news or update from the above impacts or concerns you the most? Is there something we missed that you think should be included?

Let us know in the comments below! :)

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