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Before You Torrent…Protect Yourself Against RAUM-Enabled Malware

Before You Torrent…Protect Yourself Against RAUM-Enabled Malware

Secure your online sessions using the best malware protection VPN

If you’re one of those Internet users who only consume online content through torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, btjunkie and TorrentHound, you may have to think again the next time you hit the download button. A new tool that streamlines the active spreading of malware via torrent sites is currently in heavy circulation in various online black markets.

What makes this dangerous is that the tool, named RAUM as found in many underground sites, allows hackers and cyber criminals to infect the most popular torrent files with malware through a pay-per-install model, making the process easier and more convenient for them.

Using a sophisticated system, RAUM allows cyber criminals to spread malware in two ways: first, through a torrent client, and then through a unique infrastructure that allows the creation and management of torrent seeds using a network of servers and infected devices.

If you still choose to torrent, there is an effective way to protect yourself against malware attacks online. All you need to do is download a VPN software such as Hotspot Shield on your device.

Why download Hotspot Shield malware protection VPN?

Getting Hotspot Shield VPN provides new ways for you to enjoy your Internet sessions. This includes added malware protection to help shield your sessions from malware attacks that may otherwise damage your device, your security and your privacy. This is made possible by a database of 3.5 million websites that are known to host malware attacks or are malware-infected, which Hotspot Shield uses to block access to those websites.

Aside from this, Hotspot Shield is also allows you to unblock your favorite content and websites, lets you surf the web anonymously, secures your connection when using public hotspots, and provides a secure and encrypted tunnel for your information to go through, protecting them from hackers and snoopers.

Get more with Hotspot Shield Elite

When you download Hotspot Shield malware protection VPN, you have the option to upgrade to the Elite version. For a small fee, not only will you be able to enjoy all of the benefits of the free version, you will also get access to more virtual locations all over the world, providing new ways to enjoy your favorite content. The Elite version is also ad-free and comes with access to our helpful customer service team.

What are you waiting for? Download Hotspot Shield VPN, the best malware protection VPN now and upgrade to Elite to enjoy better protection against malware. Find out more about the benefits of Hotspot Shield by visiting our website and our blog.

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