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Pros of using a VPN for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Pros of using a VPN for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The best VPN for COD

Call of Duty (COD): Infinite Warfare has just been released and reception has been stellar! With vast improvements to the game mechanics and content, COD: Infinite Warfare proves to be one of the best FPS titles this year especially in terms of gameplay.

But did you know that the already improved gameplay can still be improved? All you need to do is install a virtual private network on your device.

Below are the pros of using a VPN for COD: Infinite Warfare:

  • Smoother gameplay
  • DDoS protection
  • Multiple virtual locations
  • Content unblock
  • Account security

Smoother gameplay: Using a VPN for COD can improve your gameplay by keeping your ping rates low. A high ping rate results in slower framerate transitions and animations because of the slow transfer of data packets from the user to the server and back, so keeping it low should be one of your main concerns if you want to get the most out of playing the game, especially in competitive situations.

DDoS protection: The protection that VPNs provide against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can also be really helpful if you frequently play the game on multiplayer mode. Conducting personal DDoS attacks is common practice among competitive COD players online because of how highly effective it is when it comes to slowing down a victim’s connection. Doing so can even prevent the victim from playing the game temporarily, which is why a VPN can be invaluable.

Multiple virtual locations: A VPN provides access to a number of virtual locations all over the world. What this means for COD players is that they are not restricted to playing the game in a single region. US players for example have the option to play the games in a server from another country such as Russia and South Korea, aside from the servers in their local territory. This provides more ways to enjoy the game.

Content unblock: Some Wi-Fi connections restrict access to certain content and websites, including COD servers, to keep bandwidth consumption low. These include dormitories, schools and offices. Accessing the game in these places is not that hard, though; with a VPN, you get to bypass the filters and firewalls set by the administrator and connect to a server without worries.

Account security: Nowadays, with the right tools it’s easy for hackers to access the accounts of strangers online, and your account can also be compromised. The good thing is that most hacking techniques today involve intercepting the entry of information such as passwords, and is nothing that encryption can’t address. A lot of VPNs today provide encryption so you don’t have to worry about hackers having unauthorized access to your account, as long as you connect online using one.

Hotspot Shield VPN for COD: Infinite Warfare

If you’re looking for a VPN to improve your gaming experience while playing COD: Infinite Warfare, you don’t have to look further than Hotspot Shield VPN. Hotspot Shield has all the features that you need for smoother gameplay, access to multiple IP addresses, protection against DDoS attacks, and access to servers even when using the school or work Wi-Fi, among others.

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Other benefits of Hotspot Shield include anonymous browsing, protection against hackers when connected to public hotspots, and added protection against malware-infected sites and links. The best part is that all of these benefits can be enjoyed for free!

Enjoy more engaging and worry-free sessions by downloading Hotspot Shield VPN for COD: Infinite Warfare today!

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