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Privacy & Security for Ukraine

Privacy & Security for Ukraine

With a number of our colleagues living in Ukraine, the war is personal for many of us here at Hotspot Shield. Many have sought refuge abroad, leaving behind their friends, family and country. While we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our employees, it’s also important to us that everyone in harm’s way has fast, private, and secure access to all sources of information to understand exactly what is happening at all times, without restrictions.

The entire Hotspot Shield team stands with our teammates and the people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom. That’s why during this time, we are providing free access to our highest, premium tier of service to new and existing free users in Ukraine*. When using our product, you can be sure your internet protocol (IP) address is hidden and your online data secured. Additionally, those users on our premium service in Ukraine will get access to over 100 virtual locations and top connection speeds, both of which are needed for fast streaming and other forms of information.

How to take advantage of this offer

UPDATE. This offer is going to be discontinued on May 31, 2022. We hope this helped people of Ukraine during the most crucial days of March and April. We’ll keep existing users with their remaining premium period.

New Hotspot Shield customers:

  1. Sign Up with Hotspot Shield VPN
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Tap Connect to receive premium service for free*

Existing free Hotspot Shield customers:

  1. Log into your Hotspot Shield app
  2. Tap Connect to receive premium service for free*

More about Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN is trusted by millions of users with over one million positive reviews across our VPN apps. Hotspot Shield provides secure, private access to the internet by encrypting your web traffic, protecting you from online threats while also disguising your IP address so you can access apps and sites privately and securely. With thousands of VPN servers across 100+ countries and 33+ cities, Hotspot Shield Premium members enjoy unparalleled access to sites and content worldwide. Want more information? Learn more about our VPN plans & features or more about Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

*The premium Hotspot Shield service will be provided for free indefinitely. After this offer concludes, users will return to our free, basic service.

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