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Get more out of Titanfall 2 with Hotspot Shield VPN

Get more out of Titanfall 2 with Hotspot Shield VPN

Play Titanfall 2 with Hotspot Shield VPN

Titanfall 2 was among the most highly anticipated videogame releases of 2016. Developed by Respawn and EA as a follow up to the original game released in March 2014, Titanfall 2 took all the great features that made the original game great and added improvements to provide a better experience for users.

Players who enjoyed the content featured in the first game will surely be pleased to find out about the new features that come with Titanfall 2. First, aside from a multiplayer mode, Titanfall 2 now also includes a single-player story mode where players can take on the role of Jack Cooper, a combatant who is caught up in a conflict between the Frontier Militia and the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation.

In terms of the titans, Titanfall 2 is known to have at least six chassis types, unlike in the original game where only three types can be played: Atlas, Stryder and Ogre. This increase in the number of chassis types opens up more possibilities for play styles and adds more depth to an already engaging gameplay.

Additionally, in Titanfall 2 each chassis type now comes equipped with a permanent weapon that can only be changed in terms of mods. This is different from the first game where players can choose from a list of six different primaries, with each having up to three mods. Each of the six chassis is now also assigned their own tactical and ordnance, which came in options of three and four, respectively, in the first game.

For the pilots, players can now customize the weapons that their avatars can use, as well as their appearances with the introduction of suit skins. Also, from 10 primary weapons in the first game, Titanfall 2 now has at least 12 primaries. Pilots are more focused on tacticals as well as ordnance, and there are now 3 melee attacks instead of 2. The tier perks system also returns.

The features are not just for Titanfall veterans, though. The game is also friendly to newcomers and there is no need to play the original game to be able to fully enjoy Titanfall 2.

Play Titanfall 2 for PC better by using Hotspot Shield VPN

Using a VPN such as Hotspot Shield while you play Titanfall 2 provides a lot of benefits that make the game more enjoyable and satisfying. Among the numerous advantages of doing this are:

  • Lower ping: A high ping rate can ruin your gameplay experience because of the longer lag times. It can result to shots not connecting or actions and animations taking place a bit too late, which is why a low ping rate is needed to fully enjoy the game, which a VPN provides.
  • Multi-territorial play: Having the option to play with other players in different virtual locations around the world is something that you might enjoy if you’re looking for a more challenging gameplay. With a VPN, you get to play the game not just in your local area, but from any location in the world, all with a click of a button.

Here’s a three-step guide on how to play Titanfall 2 with a VPN:

  1. Download Hotspot Shield VPN for your device – Hotspot Shield is available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS devices. You can download the free version here.
  2. Upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite – Hotspot Shield Elite provides access to not one virtual location, but 20 different virtual locations. It also lets you browse ad-free.
  3. Upon successfully upgrading to Elite, connect to the Internet using Hotspot Shield.  
  4. Log in to your Origin account and run Titanfall 2.
  5. Enjoy!

Enjoy Titanfall 2 even more by downloading Hotspot Shield Elite now! Visit the Hotspot Shield website to learn more about its benefits, or check out our other blog posts for more tips on VPN usage.

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