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How to Play Street Fighter V with Hotspot Shield VPN

How to Play Street Fighter V with Hotspot Shield VPN

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Street Fighter V is a staple in the world of battle games. You can enjoy single player, multi-player, and cross-platform multi-player games. Available for PC on Steam, Street Fighter V offers online gameplay where you can battle with other players for ultimate glory and bragging rights. Make sure you’re getting the best possible gameplay experience with the latest installment of this Capcom series by using a VPN for your online play.

Unlock Content Sooner

Street Fighter V is a hot game right now thanks to the recent update unrolled in February 2016. With nearly 30 years of history, this game has a massive following of loyal fans itching to get their hands on all the latest features. The newest release debuted in North America and Australia first, followed by a European release a few days later. If you’re already looking forward to future updates in the series, you’ll be excited to know that you can bypass those pesky delays with Hotspot Shield VPN.

A VPN lets you route your IP address through a remote server so you can enjoy the perks of a different geo-location without leaving your living room. If you spot an update for Street Fighter V that’s rolling out in another country before your own, you can use Hotspot Shield VPN to log in through a server in the desired destination and get access to the newest features as soon as they drop, no matter where you are.

Speed Up Your Connection

One of the biggest problems that players experience with Street Fighter V is a slow connection. With so many players logging in at once, it’s not always easy to get speedy access to the game. If you’re struggling with lag, you can use Hotspot Shield to solve the problem. When you’re using a standard connection, your IP address is based on your current physical location. If you’re not close to your gaming server, your information may have a long way to travel, creating major latency issues.

When you’re playing a game like Street Fighter V, where you’re battling live with your opponents, that lag can mean the difference between victory and defeat. If you want to win, it’s crucial that you get your speeds up. To get a faster connection, try using Hotspot Shield VPN to get an IP address that’s as close to your gaming server as possible. Reducing the distance between your IP address and server will help you get a better connection and reduce latency.

Protect Yourself from Attacks

As with any type of online gaming, playing Street Fighter V comes with the risk of a malicious attack. The most common is a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS). This type of attack is designed to overload a service either by using up bandwidth or by making application calls. The overloaded target ultimately becomes unavailable, generating a denial of service for subsequent visitors.

The target is often seen as the ultimate victim of a DDoS attack, but the systems used in the process of overloading that target are victims as well. If a malicious party is attempting to launch a DDoS attack on Street Fighter V, any player connected to the game could be targeted.

Hotspot Shield VPN will help protect your device from this type of attack. The VPN encrypts your data and offers cloud-based malware protection, so you have additional layers of security.

Get the Perks of Hotspot Shield Elite

To really enjoy the benefits of a VPN for gaming, you need Hotspot Shield Elite. Hotspot Shield’s free mode offers virtual locations in the U.S. only and ad-supported browsing. Upgrade to Elite and you get access to 15+ virtual locations, including Australia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Russia, and more. You’ll also enjoy ad-free browsing while using Hotspot Shield Elite to connect to our secure VPN.

Get Set with Your VPN

If you’re ready to start playing Street Fighter V through Hotspot Shield VPN, you’re just a few clicks away from an improved connection. All you need to do is download and install Hotspot Shield and upgrade to an Elite membership. Sign in to your Elite account and choose the virtual location that best suits your needs. Once you’re connected through your desired location, you’re ready to start playing Street Fighter V.


If you don’t get the speed that you want the first time, try different virtual locations until you’re experiencing the fast, high-quality game play that you need to really make the most of the game.

With Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, you can experience Street Fighter V in a whole new way. Approach your next battle with speed and security on your side.

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