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Join Hotspot Shield Affiliate Program to Make Money

Join Hotspot Shield Affiliate Program to Make Money

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Are you seeking new opportunities to earn more money? The Internet provides clever entrepreneurs with countless paths to financial independence, but some of them are easier than others. For example, you can leverage the traffic you already have through your social platforms into a practical revenue stream. All it takes is an understanding of how to link your readers with a product they’re likely to enjoy. Learn how to join the Hotspot Shield affiliate program and start making money.

Know the Value of Hotspot Shield

For many people, online privacy is a growing concern. Unencrypted data is subject to hacking. In fact, a situation caused four million people’s data to fall into the wrong hands. A cyber attack allowed hackers to intercept the banking information of all these people, the worst fear of any web user.

Hotspot Shield is the best of a growing breed of software products that solve this problem. The application builds a dynamic virtual private network (VPN) for its users. In layman’s terms, with a Hotspot Shield VPN, the data you send is no longer susceptible to hacking. This happens because your computer uses the VPN as a sort of shield. You transfer all your data through Hotspot Shield’ secure servers, and they encrypt it before passing it along to the intended destination. It’s a foolproof way to secure all your important data.

Understand the Affiliate Program

If online security is important to you and your friends and family, you should already want to recommend Hotspot Shield to everyone you know. Fortunately, the AnchorFree Hotspot Shield affiliate program will reward you for such evangelism. Simply persuade people to download the application, and AnchorFree pays you for doing your friends and family a favor.

The AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite Affiliate Program encourages you to promote Hotspot Shield VPN app through all avenues available to you. If you run a blog or website, simply sign up for the program and complete the cursory verification process. AnchorFree just wants to protect honest affiliates by preventing less ethical ones from participating.

Note that AnchorFree will reject sites that contain objectionable material. Additionally, if you violate the terms of service at a later date, AnchorFree will expel you from the program. As long as you remain ethical and dutiful, you have the potential to become a reliable earner.

Make Money the Easy Way

Once approved for the program, you simply add links and banners to your website. Every time one of your readers purchases a Hotspot Shield Elite membership by clicking these links and banners, you’ll earn 50% commission. If you become one of the top earners in the program, you’ll enjoy added benefits. That’s why AnchorFree enforces standards to prevent fraud. It’s for your benefit as an honest affiliate.

Think of the system in terms of potential sales targets and how you can help your readers while fattening your wallet. Time Magazine suggests that more than 3 billion people use the Internet today. All of them should encrypt their data by using Hotspot Shield. Each one that you persuade to download the application and upgrade to the premium version, Hotspot Shield Elite, means money in your pocket.

To make the most money, you’ll want to embrace social media affiliate marketing. This will enhance your earning potential. Think about all the ways you can appeal to friends, loved ones, and loyal readers. Do you have a Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feed? An occasional reminder to your friends that everything they post is susceptible to hacking isn’t merely a sales pitch. It’s also a way to protect others while boosting your revenue.

Track Your Revenue

To help affiliates monitor revenue, AnchorFree built tracking software. Once you’re signed up for the program, you’ll receive account information that will allow you to log in to track your current earnings. This will help you monitor your short-term earnings as well as your revenue growth over time.

To receive payment, all you have to do is reach the $25 minimum threshold. As soon as that occurs, AnchorFree will send payment through your choice of check, direct deposit, Paypal, or wire transfer. After months that you fail to reach $25, your earnings will carry over to the following month and will do so until you attain $25 in affiliate revenue.

As you can see, joining the AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite Affiliate Program doesn’t simply help you. It also protects your family and friends by encrypting their data and helping them browse the web safely. If you haven’t already signed up, you should do so now. Simply click the button below to start making money.


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