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How To Speed Up Your Downloads

How To Speed Up Your Downloads

How To Speed Up Your Downloads

When it comes to content access, downloads are the most familiar thing that you’ll encounter – whether it be a document you need, a video for work or even pictures from that vacation. Downloads are a necessary part of being on the internet, which makes slow downloads one of the most annoying things you’ll ever encounter.

There are plenty of reasons why you might run into a slow download but it’s easier to start listing the ways you can speed up downloads that aren’t going as fast as they should.Here are some things you can look at if you want to increase your download speed.


Disable unnecessary apps

When your computer connects to the internet, it just doesn’t connect particular programs – it connects as an entire system. From your operating system updates to background applications, your computer is constantly using bandwidth.

Sometimes, these background applications can interfere with the bandwidth that you would normally use for downloads, slowing down your internet speed. Check your notification tray or task manager for any applications that may be running updates or streaming data and disable them while the download is active.


Check internet speed

Sometimes, the answer lies in the basics. Running a basic speedtest or diagnostic of your internet speed can reveal problems with your connection, such as throttling or ISP difficulties. If the displayed speed isn’t matching the plan you signed up for, contacting your provider is the quickest way to resolve it.


Upgrade/replace your router

It may also be a hardware issue: as our devices age, their ability to handle data slows down dramatically. Routers are especially susceptible to this problem. If your router is a few years old, it may not be able to reliably handle data. Replacing it can make it compatible with current systems, freeing up your bandwidth.



Another thing that you can check is your connection. While most of our devices have the ability to wirelessly connect to our internet, that comes with a certain sacrifice when it comes to internet speed and processing time. If you’re slowing down with your downloads, using an ethernet cable to directly connect to your router can help with your download speed.



Finally, if you suspect that your internet provider may be throttling your connection, getting a VPN can go a long way in overcoming that limitation. In addition to encrypting your data, it guarantees that your information is processed through a private server, giving you the fullest extent of bandwidth that you can have with your internet plan.

Speed Up Your Downloads

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