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Save Money on Mobile Phone Bill with Hotspotshield VPN – Infographic

Save Money on Mobile Phone Bill with Hotspotshield VPN – Infographic

While we love Hotspot Shield, we also love phones and working with numbers.

That is why we’re very passionate about Hotspot Shield Mobile, which is available for both your iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod-touch) devices and the Android devices.

We recently did some study to see what kind of savings and benefits Hotspot Shield Mobile brings to you via your mobile devices. Among many other things, Hotspot Shield Mobile users so far:

  • Saved over $1 million in 8 months.
  • Saved 13 million megabytes of data usage.
  • Saved on average $20 / month on Verizon data usage plans.

The results are clear. Hotspot Shield Mobile not only gives you full privacy and security, it also saves you money and reduces your data usage.

Check out the full Infographic to see how Hotspot Shield Mobile can help you be secure and save you money at the same time.

Hotspot Shield Mobile and your Phone Carrier

Hotspot Shield Mobile helps you save money on phone carriers - an Infographic

Stay Secure on Your Mobile Device While Saving Money

Hotspot Shield VPN for iPhone and VPN for Android allows you to go online with full privacy and security.

You also get to save money every month on your phone bill. That alone is one of the reasons we’ll keep working very hard to keep giving you the best mobile security software in the world.

Thank you for being HSS fans! :)

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