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Team Pango August 28, 2013

Hotspot Shield’s Notable Accomplishments Featured on Forbes we all know it, the internet is not as safe as it used it used to be. With the recent NSA scandals and the increase of security breaches and hacker attacks, the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Network) has now become mainstream. Many internet users are more aware of online privacy and security and turn to VPNs, such as Hotspot Shield, as an extra layer of protection during their online activities.

Hotspot Shield was recently featured on an article on Forbes, which outlines Hotspot Shield’s notable accomplishments. Within the past year, Hotspot Shield jumped from 70 million to 150 million active users, averaging to 250,000 new users a day. Hotspot Shield also secured 50 billion webpages, protected 2.3 billion mobile messages and saved 30 million megabytes of data for mobile users. In addition, Hotspot Shield granted 1.5 billion people access to blocked websites such as Facebook and Twitter in censored countries.

The statistics prove that more internet users care about their privacy and are cautious of dangerous online threats. After all, Hotspot Shield’s mission is to allow people around the world to browse the web anonymously, privately and securely.

On behalf of Hotspot Shield, we would like to thank all of our users for supporting us!

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