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Hotspot Shield is the featured app on ABC News “App of the Week”!

Hotspot Shield is the featured app on ABC News “App of the Week”!

callout_mobile_ios_androidABC News featured Hotspot Shield VPN as the “App of the Week“!

In the article, ABC News covers the most important features of Hotspot Shield VPN such as malware protection and data compression. Afterall, the number of mobile users is growing and more mobile malware is expected to increase rapidly over the year. It is no wonder why ABC News chose Hotspot Shield VPN as the featured “App of the Week”. Mobile users are vulnerable to all types of threats such as identity theft, malware, phishing and spamming; especially when connected to an unsecure public WiFi network.

Using a mobile security app like Hotspot Shield VPN will protect you from these threats. Hotspot Shield VPN is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. If you haven’t downloaded our app to your mobile device, yet, then you should do so today! Last week, we released Hotspot Shield VPN version 2.0 for iOS mobile devices, so make sure to download this new version!

Check out ABC News “App of the Week” article here.

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