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Get Full Access to the Internet on Restricted Mobile Data Plans with Hotspot Shield

Get Full Access to the Internet on Restricted Mobile Data Plans with Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield was initially developed to provide Internet security, privacy and access, bypassing censorship and geo-restrictions. However our users continue to teach us about the other benefits that our app has given them. More recently, we’ve heard from our users in various countries that Hotspot Shield has given them full Internet access despite having a limited mobile internet plan.

Common factors among users who gain full internet access

According to some of our users, Hotspot Shield can help you get more out of your monthly social data plan. From our understanding so far, you need to meet the following criteria to make it work:

    • Have an Android device
    • Have an active social data plan*
    • Be located in one of these countries: Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand or Turkey
    • Have Hotspot Shield version 3.8.2 or later for Android

*By “social data plan” we mean any mobile internet plan that only gives you access to specific websites or apps. For instance, in certain countries, some data plans only let you access Facebook and Whatsapp.

Step by step instructions to get full internet access

To try this out, you must have an Android device and be subscribed to a social data plan.

    1. Grab your Android device ;)
    2. Download Hotspot Shield for Free from the Google Play Store if you don’t already have Hotspot Shield version 3.8.2 or later. Click here for help with installing the app.
    3. Turn “on” Hotspot Shield on your device.
    4. Now try to access websites that are not included in your social data plan.

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Thanks so much to all our AWESOME users!

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