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David Gorodyansky on Bloomberg TV: Measuring the Continued Growth of VPN’s

David Gorodyansky on Bloomberg TV: Measuring the Continued Growth of VPN’s

On July 9th, AnchorFree CEO David Gorodyansky, appeared on Bloomberg TV’s “Taking Stock.” In his interview with Primm Fox, he discussed the continued growth of Virtual Private Networking and change in trend of Hotspot Shield users.

In response to Primm’s question, “Does anyone qualify?” Gorodyansky asserted that VPN‘s are for everyone. In the past, business users would take advantage of this privacy in order to protect their corporate data. Recently, however, more and more consumers have also begun utilizing them as a means of protecting their personal data. Just to give you an idea of its enlarging popularity: 40,000 consumer emails per hour are now secured and 2.3 billion social networking messages are protected using Hotspot Shield.

In terms of growth, Hotspot Shield has seen an additional increase of 30 million consumers in the last 30 days. This tremendous growth among consumers is sparked by different events such as large outbreaks of malware, the Arab Spring in Egypt, and online tracking by third parties. This worldwide growth averages to be about 250,000 downloads a day and still growing.

Everyday, more and more people become interested in protecting themselves online to either bypass censorship or ensure their security as they use the Internet. Protect yourself too! Watch the interview here.



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